Xenophobic Man Disses Woman For Speaking Spanish On Plane, Passengers Troll The Racist By Responding In Spanish

Xenophobic Man Disses Woman For Speaking Spanish On Plane, Passengers Troll The Racist By Responding In Spanish

Humans in this world, no matter where they belong, need not only love but also acceptance and kindness. But what happens when a racist bigot tries to spread hate with their actions. Jaime Primak was another victim of racism but fortunately, the strangers on the plane were up for no bullying.

1. Racism Not A Very Surprising Issue



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Empathy is an important human trait. With empathy comes acceptance and kindness. Unfortunately, we live in times where actions of kindness and acceptance are not so very common. The real-life proof of these unkind actions is the stories of racism that we hear almost daily. Racism is something that is not new for anyone of us here. But seldom we hear any stories where strangers come to the rescue during any act of racism. Well, something like this happened on a flight from New York, when a woman became a victim of a racist act by a man. Narrating her experience on social media, Jamie Primak explains how she was targetted on her flight by a man for speaking Spanish. 

2. Strangers To The Rescue



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Primak, who is a real public relations guru, brand building and event planning, also a writer, producer, and an acknowledged author of ‘The Southern Education of a Jersey Girl’ is not someone who can be bullied easily but there are certain situations in life that can throw you off track. Similar was the situation with her when a racist bigot threw shade at her for speaking in Spanish on the plane. Fortunately, for Primak, the other passengers were not willing to take any bullying on board and took stand for the lady and started talking in Spanish loudly.

3. Primak's Thread Became Viral On Social Media



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Primak shared her experience on social media and in no time her social media rant became viral and she started receiving messages of support from all over the world. People on Twitter were quick to express their views on social media and trolled that racist bigot mercilessly.

4. Receiving Support Globally



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5.  Twitter Had A Field Day Trolling That Racist Bigot


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6.  Social Media Users Made Memes Out Of The Thread For Primak's Support



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7.  People Claim Had They Been There, They Would Have Started To Curse That Racist Man



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 8.  Making Light Jokes Out Of The Thread



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9. Why Is There So Much Intolerance In This World?


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10. People Claim Even If They Don't Know The Language They Would Have Started Speaking In One, Just To Annoy That Man



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11.  Had A Medical Person Known Spanish, He Would Have Asked The Man The Problem With His Mouth



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 12. The Best Troll So Far!



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13.  Seems Like You Can Find These Racist Bigots In Various Parts Of The World



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14. Showing Sympathy For The Staff And Person Sitting Next To The Racist Bigot



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15.  Sharing Their Own Experiences



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16.  An Epic Response!



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17. It Could Have Been Much More Fun If This Guy Was Present On The Plane



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18.  New Ideas, More Fun



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19. Sharing Their Problems



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