Putting Peeps On Pizza Is A Thing Now, And It Needs To Be Stopped!

Putting Peeps On Pizza Is A Thing Now, And It Needs To Be Stopped!

Twitter is blowing up with the latest Easter food tradition gone horribly wrong, i.e. 'Peepza'. Yes, now there's a pizza available topped with peeps, and all we can say is, why?

With regards to all the festivity food traditions that exist out there, Easter isn't exactly as definitive as say, Thanksgiving. There may be ham, however, perhaps likewise lamb, or possibly only a truckload of chocolate treat and bunny-molded Sweetarts.

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Be that as it may, as of late, a more up to date Easter food tradition has emerged and gone on to become somewhat of a legend, all thanks to the world wide web! Ladies and gentlemen, we present to you the 'Peepza'!


Yes, a pizza topped with the sugary, occasional marshmallow chicks known as 'Peeps' exists now in the market, and it's presently exploding on Twitter. However, all we can think about is, what did pizza ever do to these individuals?



Generally, people hold solid sentiments about how pizza ought to and shouldn't be dealt with. Is it OK to put pineapples on it? Mayo? Canned spaghetti? But there is no pizza banter bigger than Peeps pizza otherwise known as Peepza.


The Peepza has started a significant contention on Twitter. Contingent upon the individual, it's either destroying Easter or making it their best one yet! And while the Peepza was in all likelihood introduced because of its great marketing value, as opposed to a craving to actually make a delicious dish, that hasn't prevented a lot of poor spirits from really trying it.



Despite the fact that the gooey pastel horror has been ascribed to different sources throughout the years, the begetter of Peepza is in certainty pizza master Adam Kuban, the editorial manager of Serious Eats' Slice blog.



Slice ran a recipe for Peepza in 2010 as a marketing stunt, however, as Easter approaches each year, the recipe starts to blow up yet once again on social media channels, leading more individuals to try the Peepza! 


"I can't really say that Peepza—Peeps on a pizza—is as well thought out and crafty as Grace Kang's now internet-famous Peeps sushi (aka "Peepshi"). And I can't say that it's not an obvious attempt to capitalize on the popularity of Peep torture at this time of year," wrote Adam Kuban in his original blog that introduced Peepza to the world! 


"I can say, however, that it was a lot of fun to make and that it actually doesn't taste as bad as you might think. Do you know that whole salty-sweet dynamic that we all tend to love so much? Peepza has it in spades. (Sure, it was a stunt, but I did eat try it!)" he added. 


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