Putin Signs New Law That Allows Him To Stay In Kremlin Until 2036.

Putin Signs New Law That Allows Him To Stay In Kremlin Until 2036.

Putin has been in power since 2000 and is currently serving his fourth presidentship. According to a new law passed by him, it would allow him to stay in the office till 2036 which according to his critics is basically for life.

Russian President Vladimir Putin has passed a new law that could possibly allow him to stay in power until 2036. Putin took up his position as the president in 2000 and is currently serving fourth presidential term

On April 5, he signed new legislation that would let him stay in power in a further two elections after his current presidentship ends in 2024. Putin who has been in power since 2000 has been in power longer than any other Kremlin leader since Joseph Stalin, the Soviet dictator. It is not clear whether he will run for office again.


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According to Al Jazeera, Putin in his defense for amending the legislation argued that this was necessary to ensure government officials remained focused on their work, as opposed to ‘darting their eyes in search for possible successors’.

Opposition in Russia claims that the law would allow Putin to stay in power for life. 
One of his critics, politician Yevgeny Roizman, voiced his concerns about the new law on Twitter.

‘Putin today signed a law allowing him to be president twice more. Let the law be adopted, allowing the president to live forever. They really think that if they managed to deceive human laws, then they will be able to deceive the laws of nature,’ Roizman said in a tweet.

The new law still limits Russian presidents to two terms, but it does not cover terms already served before it is entered into force. This means Putin’s previous four terms do not count and he can run again, The Guardian reports.


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Russia is currently facing criticism over its detainment of Alexei Navalny, one of Putin’s most vocal critics.

Alexei is the blogger who has been the most stronger critic of Putin's government. He has millions of followers on social media and has previously accused the president of ‘sucking the blood out of Russia’ and running a party full of ‘crooks and thieves’. He was arrested in January after he returned to Moscow from Germany and is currently serving his two and a half years prison term for violating the terms of his probation.

On April 6, Alexei's lawyers told the BBC he has been transferred to a medical unit after exhibiting symptoms of a respiratory illness.

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Alexei's lawyers say that he was ‘in a bad way’ and had lost a lot of weight – approximately 8kg – since he declared a hunger strike last week.

‘He is completely in the power of the prison service. Every day there are very serious deteriorations,’ one of his lawyers, Olga Mikhailova, said. 

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She added: ‘It’s very difficult to understand why this is happening. The prison service is not reacting to a single complaint of ours… There’s been complete silence from them in the month since his health got worse.’


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