'Dirty Texting' Gets Dirtier After Marriage If You Know What We Mean

'Dirty Texting' Gets Dirtier After Marriage If You Know What We Mean

Frankly, your relationship is not always going to be as steamy as it used to be when you were in the dating phase. Accept it, this is what your love life looks like now!

When you're seeing somebody, you ensure that you're large and in charge. Everything must be flawless, and furthermore hot and steamy. You literally feel the need to spend each waking minute together, and since that is unimaginable, you satisfy your burning desires through messages. 

In any case, as usual, it's a stage that doesn't generally last, particularly once you get hitched. On the off chance that taking off clean clothes was what you had the hots for at a certain point, presently it will change to putting on clean clothes since priorities change with time. Along similar lines, we've gathered a hilarious rundown of how dirty texting changes as a married person, and it's perfectly apt! See for yourself: 

1. Too real? 


2. Sound about right 


3. Right in the feels 


4. Priorities set straight 


5. Seems only fair 


6. True fiery passion 


7. Saturday night plans 


8. Talk dirty baby! 


9. *Wipes single tear off cheek 


10. The struggle is real 


11. Oh yeah! 


12. Don't stop! 


13. The perfect eargasm! 


14. Apply ice on the burned area 


15. That's the spot! 


16. And they said love dies eventually 


17. Oopsie Daisy 


18. Give this couple a medal! 


19. #Couplegoals 


20. Cheap thrills! 


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