Puppy Who Can't Walk Befriends The Pigeon Who Can't Fly.

Puppy Who Can't Walk Befriends The Pigeon Who Can't Fly.

These adorable pictures of Lundy and Herman cuddling together have won the hearts of people proving that love has no boundaries.

The puppy named Lundy arrives at the rescue and meets the pigeon named Herman. Herman can't fly and Lundy can't walk. When the rescuer Sue settled them both in one warm dog bed, they both immediately became friends. They started cuddling and playing with each other as seen in the heartwarming pictures.

1. Have you ever heard of a dog being a best friend to a pigeon? Well, now you will. Meet Herman, the pigeon that loves to cuddle with his best friend, little doggie named Lundy

That's Lundy and Herman seeing each other for the first time and soon after that, they became the very best friends.


Instagram | @lundyandherman


2. Herman was rescued by Sue Rogers, the founder of The Mia Foundation who found Herman sitting unmoving at a car dealership

Herman has been a resident of The Mia Foundation, a New York-based non-profit, for several years now. Herman has regained his strength but has never been able to fly, so he became a permanent resident of the rescue. 

Instagram | @lundyandherman


3. A chihuahua puppy named Lundy was left at the rescue by his breeder when the puppy was only four weeks old

The breeder left him at the rescue after Lundy suddenly stop being able to walk. 

Sue had just returned from a walk with Herman when Lundy arrived. Sue first placed the bird in a warm and cozy dog bed then turned her attention toward Lundy.


Instagram | @lundyandherman


4. She then placed the little doggie into the warm bed beside Herman and carefully watched them 

To her surprise, both of the babies instantly became friends. They both moved closer and started cuddling and playing with each other.


Instagram | @lundyandherman


5. She decided to share this unusual friendship with the whole world

She posted their cute pictures on the Foundation's Facebook page, and the response she got was overwhelming. Seeing the incredible response, she opened their own Instagram page @lundyandherman so that the fans can follow their journey. T-shirts have also been made, with proceeds going towards the Foundation's many expenses. 


Instagram | @lundyandherman


6. Lundy is getting healthier and stronger, he has been gifted with a wheelchair which he will use once he's grown a little bit bigger


haveInstagram | @lundyandherman



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