Princess Diana's Biopic 'Spencer' Released With Kristen Stewart Wearing The Infamous Engagement Ring replica.

Princess Diana's Biopic 'Spencer' Released With Kristen Stewart Wearing The Infamous Engagement Ring replica.

The iconic Princess Diana's engagement ring replica chosen for her Biopic has received a mixed response and people are not liking it that much. Kristen Stewart looks stunning and has great resemblance after having the hairdo and dressing up like Diana.

Princess Diana has always been an ideal figure to look up to in so many cases and most people want to know much more about her. Her biopic named 'Spencer' is in the making and people are just so excited to welcome it. 


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Diana Spencer, Princess of Wales has been an iconic and tragic figure that has continued to capture the endless attention of the world decades after her death also. 

Diana's story has been adapted a number of times throughout the years, including Netflix's award-winning drama The Crown. Princess Di is getting a new biopic in the form of Pablo Larraín's Spencer, starring the Twilight star Kristen Stewart. And the latest look at the star for Spencer reveals the iconic hulking engagement ring, as well as an iconic outfit.




The sapphire engagement ring has been of great importance and remained in the eyes of the public and media. The sapphire and diamond cluster-style ring has been copied by jewelers worldwide ever since Lady Diana first showed it off upon her engagement to Prince Charles in 1981.




Kristen Stewart has adopted the role by her heart and it's obvious from the latest picture we got to see of her. The engagement ring has been getting mixed reactions. Some people are totally admiring the getup and all the things associated. 



While others are just not agreeing with the low-quality engagement ring replica chosen for the biopic. They say there is no depth in the color and mostly, the ring looks like with three straps. 




Fans are just angry with the iconic ring not being chosen efficiently as it could have been. People are saying despite the jewelers have copied it so perfectly Hollywood has just taken the ring for granted. 

Article and Image source: Diply

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