Pop Artist Trey Songz Leaked Video Shows Him Spitting into Mouths of Two Women Amidst Pandemic.

Pop Artist Trey Songz Leaked Video Shows Him Spitting into Mouths of Two Women Amidst Pandemic.

Pop artist known for his vulgar songs is seen spitting into the mouth of two women in a leaked video.

Pop music has been long known for its provocative and sexually suggestive stunts especially in music videos. Last week, Twitter users woke up to find the infamous pop musician Trey Songz trending. Unfortunately, it had nothing to do with music, but mainly his actions.




The musician has made it to the headlines more than once due to his life choices. He was still recovering from the blow his reputation got due to the obscene sex clip of the artist that leaked a few months ago. Now, the internet is disgusted at a recently leaked video showing the r&b crooner spitting in the mouths of two women.
We are not sure if the video is recent or if it’s content for his OnlyFans page. Whatever it is, it is not a pleasant sight and many are bashing the pop singer for his poor choices especially amidst an ongoing pandemic.




The act in itself is disgusting but the fact that we are still in the middle of a pandemic makes it worse. However, if you have been following Songz on social media since the pandemic, you would see he really hasn’t been a role model when it comes to following the safety guidelines put in place by the CDC to keep you safe. The singer tried to put on a concert in Ohio and just being his regular self despite catching COVID-19 himself back in 2020.




After the bizarre video went viral many netizens started voicing their opinion that the video is demeaning towards women. We don’t know where the clip originated from or who the women are, but some fans speculated that it looks as though it's on the set of a music video. In addition to this, some social media users say that the artist, who is known for his shocking lyrics, was acting out the lyrics to one of his biggest tracks, 'Say Aah' from 2010.




Nevertheless, the video creeped many people out. One of them wrote on Twitter,

“That Trey Songz vid really makes me feel queasy.”

Another said,

“Spitting on someone is one of the most disrespectful things you can do! Would you like it if I spit on you?”

Songz has found himself in a controversy every now and then but this one is by far the most creepy and disgusting.

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Article source: LadBible

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