Policemen Discover £30,000 In McDonald's Car Park From Secure Save

Policemen Discover £30,000 In McDonald's Car Park From Secure Save

West Midlands Police officers after finding £30,000 in a safe seized beneath the Golden Arches in a car park wrote on social media, "We're lovin 'it."

Police body-cam video shows the moment when a shocked cop, after finding £ 30,000 in cash inside a safe seized from a crook at a McDonald's branch, swears in disbelief.

Following news that a man was seen with a knife at about 10.35 am on Wednesday 7 October, cops were called to the fast-food restaurant.

In the McDonald's car park, at Gallagher Shopping Park, in Coventry, police swooped on the suspect's automobile and discovered a large metal safe in the back seat.


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Until being later released from the indictment, the 24-year-old man was arrested on suspicion of robbery and money laundering.

Footage reveals two officers opening the safe at the police department after the perpetrator supplied the code to obtain access to them.

One officer can be heard saying: "It's like Oceans 11 isn't it?" The other then exclaims: "F***ing hell, pardon my French," as bundles of cash fall out onto the floor.


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In addition, £30,000 ($39,000) was recovered from the safe in cash-which is sufficient to purchase 139,860 chicken nuggets or 92,700 Big Macs, but we are not sure whether the priority for bringing that much wedge around was a Maccies order.

West Midlands Police have indicated that it is more likely that the money is from drug profits and that any signs of illicit drugs are being investigated for protection.

The Coventry perpetrator was asked but declined to pay for the money or offer any hint of where it came from. No weapons were detected.


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A force spokesperson added: "He has been release under investigation while our enquiries continue. If he can't prove he's accrued the money legally we'll look to seize it permanently under the Proceeds of Crime Act.

"Money from the Act goes towards community projects and crime prevention schemes."

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