Police Are On The Lookout For A Mom Stalking College Girls For Her Son To Date!

Police Are On The Lookout For A Mom Stalking College Girls For Her Son To Date!

Students at a university in the US have been warned to be on the lookout for a woman who is reportedly harassing and asking female students to go on a date with her son.

We've all heard about the term 'wingman'; somebody who talks up and acquaints their qualified companion with a potential new accomplice in the expectations of starting a new love fling. Some prime instances of wingmen in recent TV show history incorporate Barney Stinson from How I Met Your Mother, who settles on the great 'Hi, have you met Ted?' as a method for breaking the ice for his reluctant buddy. 

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There's likewise Ryan Gosling's character in the motion picture Crazy, Stupid, Love, who assists Steve Carrell's unconfident character with ladies after the destruction of his marriage. In any case, the shared factor between both these instances is that the wingman's generally a close companion.

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They could likewise be a sibling, however, that is most likely as close as they ought to be; any closer and it could get clumsy. In any case, a mother in Maryland, US, clearly didn't think there was an issue in helping her child discover love. How about we call her the wing-mum!

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The anonymous lady was spotted on the grounds of Towson University a week ago, moving toward understudies and inquiring as to whether they wanted to date her son. It's vague whether the son is even an understudy at the school, or whether his mum cooked up the entire idea all on her own. 

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It is highly likely that she thought it'd be the best spot to discover women who were sufficiently worthy to have a relationship with her single son. As indicated by the Baltimore Sun, the highly determined lady addressed a few understudies on the college grounds and showed them an image of her son on her cell phone. 

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In the event that the son is an understudy at Towson University, we're certain he'd have been devastated to see his mom waving his image around in expectation that somebody would fall for him. Even though moms are known to be overly supportive, however, this mom clearly takes the prize! 

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While the lady presumably thought she was helping her son out, unfortunately, moving toward understudies and endeavoring to wing-mum her way to triumph really qualifies as badgering, so the grounds police discharged pictures of her from CCTV and are urging understudies to look out.

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The authorities have said the mother isn't dealing with criminal indictments, yet they're planning to address her so they can put a conclusion to the badgering. It's indistinct whether the mum was fruitful in discovering somebody who was interested in her son, yet we're certain he'll do just fine and dandy without her assistance!


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