Piers Morgan Apologizes To Women After Experiencing Simulated Childbirth On Live TV!

Piers Morgan Apologizes To Women After Experiencing Simulated Childbirth On Live TV!

Piers Morgan experienced the pain of childbirth through a TENS machine. It wasn't long before he was screaming in agony and begging for the pain to stop.

Piers Morgan has undoubtedly left his imprint in television history with his latest live broadcast moment - as he encountered the 'pain of childbirth' while attached to a stimulator on today's Good Morning Britain

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With numerous men - not all - but rather many, joking about the agony of labor on the female body, who better to give it a shot in the interest of all men than the globally-loved morning television host?

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The 54-year-old breakfast TV host had the delight of encountering the joys of a 'labor stimulator', or a TENS machine as they're generally known. The machine transmits electric pulses through the body and is utilized by women amid labor. 

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Be that as it may, the tormenting experience that ladies go through for the 'marvel of life' went rather poorly well with Piers, and naturally, it was inconceivably fulfilling to watch. Now, some may contend that Piers can, at times, seem to be somewhat of a busybody.

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Keep in mind that time he dramatically 'vomited' a vegan sausage roll? Anyway, a couple of moments into the stimulation, when most ladies are still at home while being advised to have a steaming shower, Piers was unmistakably in agony - groaning to himself, "Do not give in." 

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The administrator of the machine, who Piers alluded to as a 'torturer', inclined it up somewhat. He couldn't take it, however, tossing the cushions off him almost instantly, stating, "That's enough!" If only it were that simple, isn't it ladies? 

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Susanna Reid, his co-star, who is normally observed recoiling at his shocking tirades, unquestionably appeared to be amused by it as well. Piers conceded, "That cannot be what childbirth is like, really. I can't believe that. Is that really what childbirth is like? I can't believe that." 

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But to completely fair, he at that point apologized for regularly downplaying labor, including, "On balance, for the women of Great Britain, I probably owe you a slight apology. I'm very glad that we don't have to go through this. I've got to say, that was agony." 


"If that is what you honestly go through then my respect for women in terms of childbirth has gone through the roof. That was painful. I'm never again going to joke about childbirth!" he added. Anyway, Good Morning Britain watchers truly loved the scene, which without a doubt lit up everybody's troubling Wednesday morning.

But to be reasonable, numerous watchers thought it was a decent change that Piers was the one yelling and shouting at the TV watchers as opposed to the other way around! 


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