Pictures Of Two Radically Different Sisters And Their Lifestyle Takes Twitter By Storm

Pictures Of Two Radically Different Sisters And Their Lifestyle Takes Twitter By Storm

Meet the remarkable duo of sisters Alexandria Bishop and Jessica Toutant. Both share the same blood but apart from that, they have nothing alike. The pictures of these sisters have become a hit on Twitter for all the right reasons. Give it a read and get amused by the trending post.

1. Siblings Can Be Pretty Cool At Times

Siblings do not have to be exactly alike to get along with each other. This has been proved by a lively pair of sisters from Detroit. The duo from Michigan state shot to fame after one of the sisters, Alexandria Bishop came to Twitter to enlighten people with the extremely contrasting lives that the two live with full liberty. Alexandria Bishop and Jessica Toutant, with their shockingly different lifestyles, have become Twitter's sensation and what's even more exciting is that so many of the fans could relate to them. 



Image credits: Alexandria Bishop

2. The Detroit Sisters Are So Opposite That One Can Only Be Thrilled By Their Contrasting Outlook On Lives

It was Alexandria of the two who came up with the brilliant idea of uploading some pictures that exhibited every dissimilarity that could exist between the cool duo. One of the pictures emphasized appearance and face expressions. While Alexandria wore a sober, grim expression with big nerdy glasses and super dark hair, Jessica looked like a rainbow with her multicolored hair and wide, bright smile, flashing her white teeth. The personalities of the two can be easily deduced from the fascinating picture that went viral on Twitter.



Image credits: Alexandria Bishop

 3. And The Differences Are Not Limited To Attires Only 

It is not just the appearances that are the polar opposite. Jessica and Alexandria's homes are big proof of their different tastes in every aspect of life.  Alexandria tweeted with two emoticons (rainbow and coffin), each reflecting the very different houses of the siblings.







Image Credits: Alexandria Bishop

4. One Clearly Believes In Socializing. The Other Has A GO AWAY Mat Right At The Entrance

With a Go Away mat right at the entrance of her house and a small coffin box to maximize the dreary effect, it is obvious that Alexandria has no interest in socializing with a lot of people. On the contrary, her sister, Jessica, has a big, splendid garden with an inflatable pool and a rainbow horned unicorn to fill it with fun.







Image Credits: Alexandria Bishop

5. Their Lifestyles May Be Different But Equally Fascinating

The pictures of their living rooms have convinced everyone of their peculiar yet enthralling tastes. Jessica's living room has all the colors one would find in a rainbow. With a huge glass window and plants hanging on the walls, it is evident that Jessica believes in nature and the joy that comes from it. Alexandria's style is quite compelling as well.  With dark curtains over the windows and a cozy, dark environment, her room is pretty well decorated, reflecting her cool personality.







Image Credits: Alexandria Bishop

6. The Other Pictures Show That The Two May Share Genes But That Is It. Nothing Else.

More pictures from everyday life were uploaded by Alexandria depicting that the two actually complement each other. Alexandria's tweets went viral on twitter and people retweeted her post 71,000 times! Not to mention the 2,800 comments under it. 



Image Credits: Alexandria Bishop

7. Alexandria Had No Idea That Her Tweet Would Get So Popular

Alexandria is a self-taught makeup artist, sculptor, and illustrator. While talking to Buzzfeed, she confessed her surprise over her viral tweet. “The most surprising things go viral — I’ll never understand!”, she said. Also, she told about the age difference between her and Jessica. “Jessica and I have a pretty big age gap, so we naturally have been interested in different things. Our style only became drastically different when we became adults and started dressing how we truly wanted.”



Image Credits: Alexandria Bishop

8. People Are Intrigued By The Sisters' Opposite Lifestyles

The Twitter people are so fascinated by Alexandria's tweets and pictures and retweeted with their own pictures. There are so many sisters out there who can relate to Alexandria's post.



Image Credits: Animated Antic

10. Here Are The Two Sisters Who Share Their Similar Experience Of Being Opposite 




Image credits: Zahra

Zahra and her sister are so like Alexandria and Jessica.  She took to Twitter after seeing Alexandria's post and could not resist sharing a similar experience of living a contrasting life with her sister. She also posted a picture along with her tweet that said: "why is this my sister and i currently."

11.  With Tweets like WOW SAME?, We Now Know That Alexandria Isn't Alone 



Image credits: Konekodesu


Image credits: Konekodesu



Image credits: HairWeave

12. And Then The Whole Twitter Went Crazy Over Jessica's Tweet  




Image credits: ariannabarrxo


13.  Nils, A Twitter User, Could Not Help But Compare The Sisters With Houses





Image credits: Lithunium_Snow

A follower of the post, Nils Kuiper amused everyone with a picture of contrasting houses, comparing them with the personalities of all the siblings. While one house is all pink and pretty, the other stands with a grave look and symmetrical windows. The tweet was just a beginning.  

14.  Hundreds of new fans came to add their ideas and experiences to the post.













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