Beautiful Pictures Of Queen Elizabeth From Her Childhood That Will Be Put Up For Auction On November 14.

Beautiful Pictures Of Queen Elizabeth From Her Childhood That Will Be Put Up For Auction On November 14.

British society photographer Marcus Adams, took these beautiful pictures that show the future Queen's life from being a baby to her adolescence. The mother of Queen Elizabeth often used to take her daughters to Marcus Adam's London studio where he would set up toys and props to keep them entertained

These pictures show the unseen side of Queen Elizabeth. Here you can see the future queen looking smart while posing and looking straight at the camera. The beautiful pictures were taken by the royal photographer Marcus Adams who not only took the queen's childhood pictures but also prince Charles and princess Anne's special pictures. The royal photographer died in 1959, all the pictures will be put up for auction on November 14, 2019.

1. That's a previously unpublished photo of a teenage Elizabeth in a tartan kilt in 1941 with the caption 'Balmoral Belle'



2. This picture was taken in 1933, showing King George VI smiling for the picture with his eldest daughter Elizabeth



3. A 15-year-old Princess Elizabeth poses in profile for photographer Marcus Adams looking graceful



4. Queen Elizabeth now posing with her own daughter Princess Anne, aged  one, in front of the same photographer  Marcus Adams



5. Prince Charles when he was four or five years old



6. Queen Elizabeth when she was only eight months old



7. The future Queen with her grandmother Queen Alexandra in 1927



8. Queen Elizabeth is only one-years-old in this adorable picture with her grandmother Queen Alexandra 



9. Queen Elizabeth when she was 15 months old



10. Queen Elizabeth smiling delightfully while sitting on her mother's lap in 1927



11. Another picture of the Queen with her mother 



12. Princess Elizabeth, six, looking smart as she poses for the camera



13. Queen wearing her precious smile while posing for the picture



14. Princess Elizabeth looking very confident looking straight in Marcus Adams' camera, she was 8 at that time



15. Six-year-old princess looks much serious in this picture



16. Princess Elizabeth, 8, certainly looks like the future Queen here



17. This profile portrait of Princess Elizabeth at 13 years old was taken to be used as a stamp



18. Royal photographer Marcus Adams with Prince Charles and Princess Anne during a shoot



19. Princess Anne, aged 3,  looks adorable smiling at the camera. The picture was taken in 1953



20. This picture of young Charles was also taken by Adams who died at the age of 83 in 1959.




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