These People Made Santa's Job Real Fun.

These People Made Santa's Job Real Fun.

Santas really have to go through a lot on Christmas. With annoying kids to four legged pets, the generous beings deal with everyone with a big smile on their faces.

Meeting Santa at mall is one of the rituals that everyone at some point of their lives like to perform. While some love to meet Father Christmas and get their photograph taken, there are many who hate sitting next to a stranger man. Here are some of the funniest moments in which all kinds of Christmas people can be witnessed next to Santa.

1.  While Waiting In Line To See Santa, This Baby Fell Asleep. When It Came Time For The Picture, Santa Told The Parents Not To Wake Him




2. I Took My Dog To Take A Christmas Picture With Santa And She Ate Him




3. So, My Dog Met Santa Claus




4. Got A Pic With Santa... He Said I Was Too Big... We Compromised...




5. My Santa Doesn’t Age (1997-2017)




6. Took The Kids To Meet Santa Yesterday And, As You Can See, It Went Amazing




7. My 92 Year Old Grandma Said She's Never Been To See Santa. Change Of Plans This Christmas




8. My Mom Said "Damn" In Front Of Santa. This Was The Reaction




9. My Favorite Shot From Our Christmas Shoot This Year




10. My Friend Brought Her Dog To See Santa Recently




11. Mommy's Lil Monster Meets Santa & Krampus




12. My Dad Was Santa At Our Local Petsmart, Was Not Expecting This





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