Personal injury lawyer shares interesting information to find out whether someone is lying or not.

Personal injury lawyer shares interesting information to find out whether someone is lying or not.

Personal injury lawyer who has more than 4.6 million followers on TikTok shares tricks that help you spot if someone is lying.

There have been countless times when most of us wished we had a truth machine that would just tell us if someone was lying. Unfortunately, that is too good to be true since nothing of the sort exists. However, Michael L Mandell, a personal injury lawyer, has revealed tricks that will help you spot a liar.




He recently shared a video via his TikTok profile that has more than 4.6 million followers. In the video, which is captioned "Stop falling for people's lies!", Mandell talks about body cues that will tell you whether someone is lying or not.



He says,

“A trick that will help you spot a liar - truthful people add facts and remember more details as they repeat their story. But liars usually memorize their story and keep it the same. One trick is to ask them to tell their story in reverse. It will make them think harder, and more trying equals more lying.”

Surprisingly, this informative video started a completely new and unrelated trend on TikTok. As a reply to Mandell’s video, one of the users said, people always think he's lying - but not because he doesn't add details to his stories as he repeats them, but rather 'cause his name is Griffin Dohr’. Yes, you read it right, it does sound exactly the same as the Hogwarts House of Gryffindor, from the Harry Potter franchise.



In his video Griffin says,

"If you think your name is cooler than mine, I need you to stitch this, duet it, bop it, twist it, pull it - whatever you need to do. I don't think you'll be able to beat me, but I'm curious."

Interestingly, many users took up the challenge. One said,

"My maiden name is Hurley and my husband's last name is Gurley so when I got married I became a Hurley Gurley."

Another added

"My sister Mary married a man named Brian Christmas. Her name is Mary Christmas."

Another user chimed in,

"My mom married someone with the last name 'Wood'. She's Holly Wood."

Meanwhile, another follower simply got excited and wrote,

"If we were friends I would shout 'TEN POINTS FOR GRIFFIN DOHR!' Every time you told me something exciting or did something awesome."

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Article and Image source: LadBible

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