People Sharing About Their Jobs And How They Don't Believe Themselves They Were Paid For It.

People Sharing About Their Jobs And How They Don't Believe Themselves They Were Paid For It.

Work is the most difficult part of life where you always question yourself what you are up to but some jobs can be fun too. From just sitting at the office to wait for calls that come once in a lifetime to partying on the pool and raiding the snack bar, these people are having fun at their paid jobs

People here share how it feels like to have a dream job. When you just have to party at the pool and raid the snack bars or throw fake rocks at fake cops and shout at them, yes that's pretty much what these people did or are dong at their jobs having the time of their life. But they are sometimes bored reading Reddit all day or just playing games but that doesn't mean they'll ever trade it for anything else.

1. I Used To Get Paid To Hack Into Companies' Networks



2. 70% Of My Time At Work Is Spent Sitting At My Desk Bullshitting Around



3. I Got Paid To Spend A Weekend Throwing Fake Rocks At Fake Cops, Shouting At Them



4. I Get To Teach Kids How To Play Dungeons And Dragons For Six Weeks Every Summer



5. I Managed To Finish The Entire Project In About Five Hours



6. We Watch TV And Raid The Snackbar



7. I Read Reddit Most Of The Day



8. Anytime A Client Takes Me Out For Lunch Or Invites Me To A Golf Or Shooting Tourney



9. Me And My Co-workers Downloaded Left4dead And Played Co-Op 



10. There Would Be The Full Cast And Orchestra Performing As If They Were Playing To A House But It Was Just Me And My Camera



11. I Had To Rub Oil On A Model's Leg For A Photoshoot



12. Some Days I Would Think "Some People Would Pay To Be Able To Do This"



13. I Have Taken Personally, Myself, Since February, 6 Calls



14. I Was Asked To Do The Shittiest Edit Possible To Make The Post Funny



15. We Were Put Up In A $250/Night Beach Front Resort In A Cruise Port Town





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