People Confuse Mother Daughter Duo For Sisters Depsite The 30 Years Age Gap.

People Confuse Mother Daughter Duo For Sisters Depsite The 30 Years Age Gap.

Cher says that growing up it was a little weird for her to see her mom's youthful looks but now she has grown to love it and her mom is 'one of the girls.'

This mother-daughter duo looks so much alike that people often confuse them for being sisters.

30 -year old Cher is the spitting image of her mom Dawn Hubsher, 60 and so people always recognize them as sisters rather than mother-daughter duo despite the 30 years age gap. 


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Cher said: "People mistake us for sisters all of the time. One time, mum's friend was talking to her thinking she was me."

Even Cher's husband Jared Gopman, 30, has mistaken Dawn for Cher in the past.

Cheer said: "One time, me and mum were wearing the same coloured outfit. As we both have long dark hair, we look similar from behind.

"My husband went up to my mum and smacked her on the butt thinking that it was me.
"Every guy I've dated would always say, 'I know what you'll look like in thirty years,' and they were happy to see I wouldn't change much.

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Cher says that when she was young she used to get weird seeing how her mom looks so young but growing up she started loving this and now just sees Dawn as 'one of the girls'.

She said: "I was fifteen when people started thinking we looked similar. I used to want my mum to look like a typical mum but as I got older, I started to appreciate what we had.
"As my mum looked so young and acted young, we became friends too and she even came to my bachelorette party."

As you would imagine, Dawn is pretty chuffed to have managed to keep her youthful looks.

Dawn also shared with people the secret tips behind her youthful look. 


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Dawn said: "Exercise, a good plant-based diet, good skincare, sleeping, and drinking water are all key in maintaining a youthful appearance.

"Age is just a number. Just because we're getting older, it doesn't mean we have to act it. Positive thoughts are key."

Adding: "Having a daughter helps me to stay young because Cher keeps me up to date with the latest trends and styles.

"We're the same size too so we can raid each other's closets and as we look so similar, what looks good on one, usually looks good on the other.
"Having your daughter as your best friend is truly wonderful because you know you will always have each other's best interests at heart. Looking alike is just a fun bonus."

The duo has now written a book documenting their journey, "A Bond That Lasts Forever."

Credit: Media Drum World


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