People are turning their garages and doorways into insanely cool monsters for Halloween.

People are turning their garages and doorways into insanely cool monsters for Halloween.

People are turning their house garages, doors, and entrances into terrifyingly insane monsters for Halloween, and this is the best DIY I have seen so far.

Halloween is that time of the year when people’s creativity is seen everywhere. Whether it is the Halloween décor, the cool food items they come up with, or the costume ideas they come up with.

As far as Halloween décor is concerned, retail stores pretty much have everything we need to get the job done. However, for most crafty people, it’s too typical. So, most of the time, they decide to DIY the décor and come up with something spooky, creative, and unique.



One such thing we saw was turning garages into giant monsters. I never thought of it before, but when I came across it recently, I couldn’t get over how clever the idea was. If you never thought to decorate your garage for Halloween, you sure might be now.




With the monster décor, your garage opening suddenly looks like a terrifying giant monster who’s ready to eat some cars.



This trend basically kicked off in 2016 when an artist Amanda Destro Pierson came up with this DIY idea and shared its video on Facebook. Her hand-painted decals gained so much attention and love that she decided to start her very own spooky décor business called ‘My Monster House’. She even has a Facebook page under the name to inspire other monster-making folks out there.



Amanda revealed that she hand paints the spooky decals on massive sheets of craft foam, which she the mounts to a board of coroplast to ensure they stay nice and flat against the garage.



Later, a TikToker @inspiringherbalifemom gave the trend a try, sharing the results on TikTok, complete with the iconic soundtrack from Halloween.



Over the years, this décor has become super famous and even stores are stocking up on the required products. So, if you are interested you can easily get some supplies from your local market or Amazon.

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