People are making art on paths to inspire people amidst the pandemic

People are making art on paths to inspire people amidst the pandemic

People around the world are using chalks to write inspiring messages on roads and paths just for funsies.

The ongoing global pandemic has created a rift in all our lives. Most of us are working for home and not having to do much is what makes these testing times even worse.
Just to pass time in the most productive way possible, people around the world are writing inspiring messages on driveways and trust me when I say, they are amazing.
Let’s take a look.
This one inspires people to stay home for a better future.




This one gives a very deep message in a light tone. How clever.




What a smart message this one gives. I love the creativity people are using to get their point across without coming off harsh. This is really loving.




Of course! Thanking the frontline workers is important.




These children spent their day quite productively.




Haha! We have art from a monopoly lover as well.




Wash your hands. Yes! super duper important.




We have a Bob Marley lover in the house guys.



Most of us need to remember this in these testing times.



There’s some amazing creativity going on here.



Of course! What will we do without Wi-Fi?



This one is my personal favorite.




I know what I am going to bless my driveway with. Do you? Let’s make the world a little more colorful.

Article Source: Diply

Media Source: Instagram

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