People Are Buying Custom Face Masks With Their Face Printed On It.

People Are Buying Custom Face Masks With Their Face Printed On It.

The future is all about getting creative with ideas for social distancing and face masks. There are some people who have decided to get custom made face masks of their faces. Though the idea is all fun and unique it needs a lot of adjustments before we can call it perfect.

With the new world to come, the future is all about social distancing and face masks. Now in this setting, the world has to come up with creative ideas to make this reality more bearable. Face masks in the coming times are also going to become a fashion statement. while some people are opting for designer brands or something handmade from some crafty type on Etsy, others have gone for something a little more creative. 

Some folks have decided to get custom made masks of their own face. Interesting. Though it is all fun and creative there is one loophole in this idea. Apparently it is very difficult to get the proportions right and many people are struggling with it and found it the hard way.


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One Twitter user shared a photo of his mask, writing: "The good news is my custom facemask arrived, the bad news is that they printed my face 20% too large."

His post, which racked up more than 568,000 likes and 55,000 retweets, soon many people could relate with it. A user called Debs wrote: "Me too, but bigger!"

Someone else shared their woes, commenting: "I know the feeling. Although I think mine is way more than 20%."

A third person wrote: "I feel your pain."

Someone who sells custom printed masks himself replied in the thread to say he's been 'trying to get it to work with FaceID', sharing a photo of a slightly dodgy 'older version' and adding that 'the new versions are way better'.




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