Penguin Found Dead On Brazillian Beach After Swallowing An Entire Face Mask.

Penguin Found Dead On Brazillian Beach After Swallowing An Entire Face Mask.

A penguin swallowed a face mask maybe misreading it for food and was found dead on a beach in Brazil. Researchers believe the animal died from ingesting it. Hundreds of penguins have died on the Brazilian coast so far this year.

With lockdown all over the world and people confined within homes, the percentage of pollution decreased noticeably. The animals were seen entering the cities and the greenery becoming greener. 

But now when everything is getting back to normal gradually with human beings invading each place things are going to how they were. The concerns of environmentalists have doubled up. 

As we see, face masks have become all the rage around the world and it's great that they have. What's not so great, however, is when these things are disposed of improperly.

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In an unfortunate, but witnessed all-too-often, turn of events, a penguin on the Brazillian beach has most likely been a victim of human negligence.



This penguin was discovered dead on September 9, on Juquei Beach in Brazil.  In the autopsy reports the Magellanic penguin was found to have consumed a face mask. The reports were provided by the"Instituto Argonauta" which is the coastal and marine conservation NGO. People from the same NGO found the penguin too. 







The wildlife has suffered a lot already due to human disregard in the past. And now with face masks and such tools which can be infected too can cause serious consequences for the wildlife if they are disposed of with such negligence. 

Facebook | Opération Mer Propre


We, as human beings and with our consciousness to ourselves should take responsibility for our actions and should care for other lives around us. If we are going through a pandemic and a hard time doesn't mean that everything should suffer with us. 

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