Parents Start Crying After Seeing Their Newly Renovated Home By DIY SOS Team To Help Their Autistic Son.

Parents Start Crying After Seeing Their Newly Renovated Home By DIY SOS Team To Help Their Autistic Son.

William was diagnosed with Autism when he was three-years-old. He is extremely sensitive to all stimulation and needed his own space but it was difficult for the family-of-five struggling in a cramped house. DIY SOS team changed their lives and renovated their house giving each kid their own room.

A recent episode of DIY SOS on BBC One was very emotional and beautiful as it showed a father named Martin's tiny two-bedroom home being transformed to help his autistic son. Martin and Heather's son William diagnosed with autism when he was only three years old, it was a massive shock for the family. They used to live in a small two-bedroom house with their three kids, it was very difficult for them especially for their son who is extremely sensitive to all stimulation and needed his own space desperately. Diy SOS changed their lives when the team completely renovated their house and added three more bedrooms, Martin and his family is very thankful and says it has changed their lives.

1. The recent episode of DIY SOS on BBC One moved people to tears when Martin's tiny two-bedroom home was transformed to help his autistic son

The family-of-five from Greater Manchester admitted they were struggling in their cramped living space especially their son William who is extremely sensitive to all stimulation and desperately needed his own space in the house. William struggles with noise, he often had to share his room with his younger sister Scarlett. When he was three years old, he was diagnosed with autism that was a shock for the family.

His mom Heather said: “It was like grief, realizing that the dreams you have for your child is not going to be a reality." 

“I think because it was so quick, it was a massive shock.”

Martin continued: “You've always got massive ambitions for your son and you know it's not going to be like that.”



2. William would wake up his sisters and the family would end up being sleep-deprived

William's parents told one of the hardest parts of William’s condition means he is unable to speak.

She said: “He doesn't understand everything that we say, but he clearly has thoughts, he just doesn't have a way to express them.”



3. DIY SOS changed Taylor and his family's life

Martin is a custody officer, who works for Greater Manchester police and his wife Heather is a part-time psychology student. They spent all their earnings on their two-bedroom house which is not that big for the family of five especially their autistic son. When the DIY SOS team came to help, the family was struggling in the cramped house. The builders did a remarkable transformation of the house and changed their lives



4. Martin and Heather moved to tears when they saw their newly renovated house




5. The builders added two extensions and overhauled the upstairs area to include three bedrooms - one for the couple, one for Scarlett and one for Penelope.



6. William was given his own ground floor room as he could not be left upstairs alone



7. The family was so grateful that even some of the builders were left in tears

Nick Knowles led a team of volunteers to make the changes in just nine days.



8. That's Martin and Heather's beautiful room



9. The garden was also renovated to give the family a space to enjoy

Martin broke down saying: “You've changed our little boy's life. I'll forever be so grateful to all of you.' 
“It's amazing what you've done for us, so thank you.”
Heather added: “We just hope we're in a position one day to pay you back.”



10. That's Penelope's room who previously slept in her parents' room



11. The living room was also transformed to create a bigger space



12. Martin and Heather burst into happy tears when they saw their house



13. Scarlett finally got her separate room as well



14. The family was also gifted with a smart tablet by Nick to help their son

Viewers got emotional after seeing this episode of DIY SOS on BBC One.

One said: “Balling my eyes out at DIY SOS.”




Credit: BBC

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