Parents Share Their Experiences That Drove Them To Disowning Their Own Kids

Parents Share Their Experiences That Drove Them To Disowning Their Own Kids

Disowning your own blood is not at all easy but sometimes it's better to cut off toxic people out of your life especially if they are unwilling to change themselves. These parents and other family members show their experiences that what drove them to disown their own kids.

Sometimes your own blood can actually fill your life with toxicity and no matter how much you try to bring them on the right path, they don't stop making trouble. But when things get out of hands, it's okay to cut off a toxic family member for the sanity of other family members. These parents or siblings share the experiences that drove them to disown their own kids and the stories are heartbreaking.

1. My Parents Disowned My Oldest Sister





2. She Is Not Welcome Anywhere Near Any Of Us



3. It Hurts But It Is More Peaceful



4. My Mother Said My Father Felt Trapped By Me



5. My Grandmother Has Had A Hard Time With Her Memory Since She Had A Brain Hemorrhage, But She Welcomed My Aunt Into Her Home During This Tough Time




6. One Of My Uncles Also Threatened Wendy To Make Sure She Stayed Away From My Grandmother



7. We Get An Alert That Aunt Has A Check Bounce From Her Account That Should Have $5k In It



8. It Was So Disgusting To Watch Someone You Grew Up With Treat People So Poorly And Show Such A Blatant Disregard For Others



9. My Mother Never Wanted A Child.



10. I Was Disowned, But I Deserved It



11. My Parents Disowned My Siblings And Me Several Times Since I Was In My Late Teens



12. She Is The Youngest of The Seven, And She's Been Rotten Since She Was A Teenager



13. It Was Pretty Disturbing To Not Be Able To Feel Any Sense Of Bond With Him









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