One Year Birthday Party Of An Undercontruction Road Gets Authorities' Attention!

One Year Birthday Party Of An Undercontruction Road Gets Authorities' Attention!

Sarcasm goes a long way sometimes! one year birthday party of an undercontruction road gains authorities' attention when Natalie posted picture of celebration online!

There are different kinds of people. One, those who always complain, second those who fight back, and others simply chill and make the most use of any situation. Someone very wisely said, when life gives you lemons, make a lemonade!

An example of such lemons and lemonade was experienced New Orleans, Louisiana.
One of the neigbourhood of New Orleans had a lingering road work for almost a year. The frustration level of the residents had crossed all limits when a young mom, Natalie Naquin Harvey, embraced the bizarre along with absurdity and frustration and had a good laugh at it. She prepared a real celebration for the one-year anniversary of a dreaded roadwork!

Natalie Naquin Harvey baked a celebratory cake, accessorized with a party hat and balloons to celebrate the one-year anniversary. She posted pictures of the celebration online.
Within no time, the post illustrated with cheerful photos went viral on social media, eventually getting the attention of the local road repair authority.


Natalie celbrate anniversary of road work


If we look back, the year 2020 has not been kind to many of us, but some people simply look at the positive aspects of situation. Similarly, Natalie turned this road work struggle into something positive.
n her neighborhood’s Facebook group discussion, one of the residents mentioned the upcoming 1-year road construction anniversary the following week. So she commented: “Maybe I’ll make a cake!” and the idea took off from there.
Natalie had stumbled upon this recipe online a couple weeks before and thought that “it would be perfect to turn into my ‘street.’” The young mom, who is working as a nurse, shared that baking is one of her passions. “I love to bake, it’s a way for me to cope with stress.” And, of course, some lucky neighbors got to taste the now very famous cake. “I was able to share some cake with some of my neighbors by dropping it off at their house, since we couldn’t have a proper party because of the pandemic.”

The cake featured an actual road construction scene on her street, complete with ‘gravel,’ machinery, and builders.


Natalie bakes cake for road work anniversary


Natalie felt that the post would have some potential before even going live with it, at least locally.
“Two neighbors stopped me on the street to take my photo while I was out there trying to get my own.” She noted that the response has been great and most importantly, she achieved her goal—to bring in some humor to an annoying situation. “It made my neighbors laugh after a year of frustration, and that’s really all I wanted to do—give them a reason to chuckle at the absurdity of the situation.”


Natalie's post


Natalie’s post has received thousands of likes and shares on different media outlets as well as a ton of comments.
Natalie said,” I expected that people around New Orleans would think the post was funny, but did not expect it to be this popular across the country and world. Frustration with construction is truly universal.”


Natalie celbrate anniversary of road work



As Natalie is glad to have succeeded to make people giggle after the year we all have had, the post also got the attention of the local road work repair authority, which realized that the ongoing construction has overstayed its welcome. They have responded on the Instagram page that documents the shocking condition of the cracked and sinking streets of New Orleans. Shortly after, the residents of the neighborhood received a letter with the timeline of the project’s completion.




“New Orleanians tend to deal with frustration and absurdity in creative ways, and by celebrating,” Natalie shared her take on the situation. And it seems that this lighthearted (and somewhat passive-aggressive) approach to a frustrating matter can be fruitful, as long as it’s in high spirits with a strong sense of humor.

 Article source: Boredpanda

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