One of The Rarest Birds, Dwarf Kingfisher Fledgling Photographed for the Very First Time.

One of The Rarest Birds, Dwarf Kingfisher Fledgling Photographed for the Very First Time.

After its discovery in 1890, the bird was not photographed properly as its a fast one. But an eye surgeon working on birds got the perfect shot.

The era we are living in is somewhat considered as quite advanced but what we don't consider is, a lot more things are left out there to be explored and captured. Let those things be in the deep underwater of Atlantic oceans or in the Philippines forest.

This tiny bird was captured by chance by an eye surgeon who was doing some bird research but was not expecting to capture this Philippine dwarf Kingfisher.


Dr. Miguel David De Leon


The South Philippine dwarf kingfisher was difficult to photograph since it was discovered in 1890. All the pictures that were captured were blurred. And no known photographs of its fledglings were seen and this was the first time. Dr. De Leon’s photograph is the first known to be taken of a fledgling.


Dr. Miguel David De Leon


The surgeon who captured the rare photographs exclaimed how he was overwhelmed by the birds' presence. He said that the kingfisher sat on the tree for 10 minutes. And posed on a branch, showing off its pastel, vibrant coloring and unusual black bill. Dr De leon was waiting for this moment for tears and it was there before him, happening.


Dr. Miguel David De Leon


The Philippines is filled with birds that can be found only in its uniquely wonderful forests. According to sources, at least 255 species are unique to the country. But very little is known about most of these birds, including the recently captured South Philippine dwarf kingfisher. 




The bird is one of the tiniest species of forest kingfisher in the Philippines, and is characterized and known by its striking colours of metallic lilac, orange, and bright blue spots all over its body. 

The photographs have brought to light such a cute little bird who was hiding all her life but now an exemplary beauty by God is exposed all over.





Images credit : migueldavid.deleon

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