On Christmas Day A Dad Wrestles A Kangaroo To Defend His Kids.

On Christmas Day A Dad Wrestles A Kangaroo To Defend His Kids.

"He was massive. He was a big male kangaroo with a big chest." Tina, a family friend, said. Fortunately, he was not hurt while saving his kids from the angry huge kangaroo in NSW, Australia.

After the catastrophic bushfire crisis, according to the wildlife groups, more kangaroos are heading into the suburbs after their natural habitat was wiped out by the fires, leaving them with less grass and food. 

Recently, a dad was kicked and attacked by an angry kangaroo while trying to protect his kids on Christmas Day.

A video captured shows Mitchell Robinson's family at South West Rocks, in NSW, Australia, with a kangaroo standing by a building. In the video, Mr. Robinson is seeing shooing away the huge kangaroo. The male Kangaroo first approached slowly then hopped over to Mr. Robinson. it doesn't stop here, the kangaroo then attacked the poor man hitting him with its paws.

As Mr. Robinson attempts to shoo the huge male kangaroo away, it approaches him slightly before hopping over to him finally kicking him to the ground. 

Mr. Robinson tried to get the Kangaroo to move on so as to shield his children from it. 





Their family friend, Tina Grace Rowe told 7News, "It was just staring at him and he picked up something to try and shoo it away, and as soon as he did that you could just see that it was going to go at him.
"He was massive. He was a big male kangaroo with a big chest."

Unfortunately,  the dad had already suffered a broken arm previously, so he was already at a disadvantage in his duel with the kangaroo.

Thankfully Mr. Robinson did not receive any major injury when the kangaroo attacked him!


Kangaroo attacks man


According to the Robinson family, the kangaroo has been loitering around for a while, also digging holes in their front yard.

In South West Rocks, locals say that the animals are becoming a problem. It has been advised that if people come in contact with these animals, they should simply leave them alone as when felt threatened these wild animals can cause serious harm. 

Earlier this year, another man in Australia recorded a video of kangaroos fighting with each other outside his bedroom window,

In Mannum, on the Murray River in South Australia, a man names Charlie Riebolge said he found the two kangaroos boxing in his yard and decided to whip out his camera to film them from a safe distance.




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Article source: ladbible

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