Obama Autobiography Sold A Staggering 1.7 Million Copies In First Week

Obama Autobiography Sold A Staggering 1.7 Million Copies In First Week

In the first week, "A Promised Land" by former President Barack Obama sold more than 1.7 million copies in North America, nearly equal to the total first week sales of memoirs by his two immediate predecessors.

Recently we have seen that former President Obama is being quite actively participating in support of president-elect Joe Biden. But in one interview he claimed that he had no interest in taking any part in activities going on in the White House. He is just supporting Biden. He also jokingly said in one interview that Michelle will leave him if he joins politics again.

Until now his latest memoir The Promised land had been quite successful and at the time of writing, it has a whopping sale of 1.7million copies. Even though many people criticized him. Some label him as an egomaniac. Some taunted him for his audiobook having a length of 29 hours. The book depicts the early life of Obama and the first two and a half years he spent staying in the White House until the death of Osama Bin Laden.

The second memoir of the former POTUS, titled A Promised Land, has managed to sell more than 1.7 million copies in just seven days, shattering records for its publisher, Penguin Random House, per CBS News.

Obama's book sold nearly 887,000 copies in both formats and editions in the United States and Canada on the first day alone, making it the highest overall first day sales ever.

Additionally, following an initial printing of 3.4 million copies, the hardcover edition of the memoirs currently has 4.3 million copies in circulation in the United States and Canada.




These books are selling like hot cakes 👀

As of the moment of publication, it is now the number one bestselling novel in the United Kingdom.

The response to the text from some readers, however has been negative, with a majority of Twitter users lamenting the book's length and Obama's mammoth 29-hour-long audiobook edition, which is narrated by the former President himself.

For example, one Twitter user branded Obama as an "egomaniac", writing:

"So Obama released his book and is doing his promo tour just in time to upstage (or provide cover) Biden's win. Biden got more votes than Obama, but only 10% of them weren't anti-Trump votes. Still, must be hard on Mr Egomaniac! [sic]"

Meanwhile, another Twitter user added: "God, Obama is putrid!! He spoke about himself for 29 hours!! Ego maniac, completely lied about everything in his 700 page, second autobiography. SICK can't wait for the next one. If you say it enough it becomes a fact, right? [sic]"




Some other individuals have responded to the memoir more favourably, however.

For instance, one Twitter user wrote: "Just used my crisp new Audible credit to buy the new @BarackObama book and it's 29 hours of that voice, you guys. TWENTY-NINE HOURS. Whatever is ailing me will surely be cured by the end. [sic]"




A Promised Land, according to Amazon, outlines the early life of Obama and the first two and a half years he spent staying in the White House, before Osama Bin Laden's death.

Moreover after earning more than 3,700 ratings, it currently maintains a 4.9/5 star ranking on the commerce website.




Per The Guardian, the 59-year-old explained in the introduction that it took longer than planned to compose because during the writing process "the book kept growing in length and scope"

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