Obama Advises Trump 'Think Beyond Your Own Ego' And Embrace Biden Victory.

Obama Advises Trump 'Think Beyond Your Own Ego' And Embrace Biden Victory.

Barack Obama advised that the reluctance of Donald Trump to recognise the presidential election made the US seem vulnerable to critics as he urged his successor to accept defeat.

Barack Obama discussed the elections in the 60 minutes interview on Sunday. In which he advised former President Trump to accept his defeat if he wants to be remembered as somebody who put the country first. Further, he said that it weakens the image of the U.S and it makes it controversial. It can also affect relations with China and Russia in a negative way. He also lashes out at Republicans who are supporting Trump and claims fraud in elections.

President Trump has alleged that victory was 'stolen' from him due to electoral irregularities after Joe Biden's win in the election earlier this month.

Despite what he's said, though many sources have found zero evidence of any fraud, as well as the Department of Homeland Security.

Obama also said it's time for the 74-year-old to accept defeat, in light of Trump's continuing inability to accept his loss.

During an interview for CBS 60 Minutes that aired on, November 15, Obama told journalist Scott Pelley:

A president is a public servant. They are temporary occupants of the office, by design. When your time is up then it is your job to put the country first and think beyond your own ego, and your own interests, and your own disappointments.

He added, ‘My advice for President Trump is if you want at this late stage in the game to be remembered as somebody who put country first, it’s time for you to do the same thing.’




When asked whether Trump should concede, Obama said, 'absolutely,' and that he thought he should have done so the day after the election.

Obama went on to say that over the past few years, including the last election, he feels US allies have seen the country as 'weakened.'

"Pelley asked Obama about a particular line in his forthcoming book, The Promised Land, which read, "Our democracy seems to be teetering on the brink of a crisis.




Explaining his reasoning for this statement, Obama said:

We have gone through a presidency that disregarded a whole host of basic institutional norms, expectations we had for a president that had been observed by Republicans and Democrats previously.

Maybe most importantly, and most disconcertingly, what we’ve seen is what some people call truth decay, something that’s been accelerated by outgoing President Trump, the sense that not only do we not have to tell the truth, but the truth doesn’t even matter.



The former president campaigned for his former vice president before Biden's election, after dubbing Trump's presidency as 'not normal'.

Speaking to Gayle King on CBS Sunday Morning, Obama said said that ‘certain norms [and] certain institutional values that are so extraordinarily important had been breached’ so he felt it was important, ‘as somebody who had served in that office’, to let people know, ‘This is not normal.’

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