North Korean Gymnast Escapes to South Korea Across Border By Pole Vaulting

North Korean Gymnast Escapes to South Korea Across Border By Pole Vaulting

His courageous escape involved making it across the world's most heavily guarded border which is strewn with two million mines and bristling with barbed wire.

Many tensions are going on between North Korea and South Korea. Their security on borders is very strict. Despite that On November 3, a North Korean individual in his 20s crossed the DMZ into South Korea. The military is investigating how, without an alarm, he jumped the wire. The guy, a former gymnast, said he jumped over a barrier of three meters. One Korean outlet claimed that officials claim that the man climbed an iron pole on the fence and then leaped to the other side to reach the country. The crossing and the military reaction also raised questions about safety faults.

The 20-year-old male managed to overcome one of the most highly defended borders and mounds of barbed wire in the world without even activating any alarms, making it to the other side.

After troops found unidentified workers on November 4, a manhunt by the South Korean military forced the unknown man to surrender himself.

The guy wearing blue civilian clothes was seen on thermal cameras a mile south of the Demilitarized Zone, 'loitering'

His feat left the guards so puzzled that they asked him to show them how far he could climb so that they could believe his claims.

His small frame and gymnastics experience are assumed to be what helped him to get over the fence, but it does not explain why he was not picked up on both sides of the border by sensors, the Korea Herald reports.



He was held in detention after verifying how the man managed to jump the treacherous wire, where he made a formal appeal for political asylum.

An inquiry has now been conducted in South Korea to try to understand why, even when thermal cameras caught him brushing up against them, he did not activate the sensors on the fence.

‘We will look into why the sensors did not ring and make sure they operate properly,’ a Korean official is believed to have told Yonhap news agency.

Since Korea was split, about 32,000 North Koreans are estimated to have escaped from the north, but only few chose to make the risky path across the Korean border, with most preferring to move to China.




In 2017, when he dodged bullets to cross the only section of the border not fortified with minefields and barbed wire, a retired North Korean soldier made world headlines.

As he jumped into a jeep and was pursued, Oh Chong-song was filmed, before being shot five times as he crossed the border into South Korea, as per The Sun.

The South Korean soldiers saved Chong-song and rushed him to the hospital to be cared for his wounds.

Doctors find 10-inch-long parasitic worms in his stomach there which is believed to be the result of the unhealthy diet provided to soldiers in North Korea.

To be able to remain in South Korea, the gymnast would need to be given asylum.

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Article Source: Unilad

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