Nigerian Playboy Rocks Up The Wedding With Six Pregnant Ladies Claiming He Is The Father Of All The Kids

Nigerian Playboy Rocks Up The Wedding With Six Pregnant Ladies Claiming He Is The Father Of All The Kids

The popular Nigerian playboy 'Pretty Mike' emerged at his mate's marriage with six pregnant women - which he says are all pregnant by him. Pretty Mike claims he is living his 'best life' as an expectant father of six babies from six different 'baby mothers'.

You people have heard about much interesting news. But here is another bizarre one. The socialite, who goes by the nickname 'Pretty Mike', was a guest at the wedding ceremony of actor Williams Uchemba. He posed with his six 'baby mothers to be' and all impregnated by him. Although the club owner showed up in a garish pink outfit, all the ladies wore matching silver skirts.  

His buddy Williams Uchemba, the singer, was enjoying his wedding day but Pretty Mike stole the stage, of course.

The club owner, whose real name is Mike Eze-Nwalie Nwogu, posed for photographs with the ladies, who were all wearing coordinating, figure-hugging skirts, in what could be the best example of stealing someone's thunder.

Wearing a bright pink eye-catching costume, a video on the post shows all the 'girlfriends' walking one-by-one while offering a little rub to their bellies.

The entrepreneur captioned it on his Instagram account -' Pretty Mike of Lagos': "PM and his 6 Baby Mothers to be no film trick, we are just living our best life."

If they're all satisfied, Fair Dos.




One social media user wrote: "Why are you like this you this man. Just why?"

Another joked: "The Fallopian Philantropist [sic]! The Ovaries OverLord!"

Someone else said: "Mikkeeeee you have closed and ended the year 2020."




A fourth replied: "Just when I thought I've seen it all!"

Pretty Mike has co-owned Club Uno in Lagos with his brother since 2007, and he is no stranger to showcasing his wealth on Instagram, often posing in extravagant outfits. These have included white feathered wings, eye-catching headgear and his signature umbrella.




He completed school and university in the United States, where he graduated in computer engineering.

One of his most recent articles saw him waking up and stretching in bed with four women, before throwing his arm around them all.

For making transparent relationships, Pretty Mike is popular in Nigeria.




In the past, the eccentric entrepreneur caused uproar. He was detained by the government of Lagos State in 2017.

Since he shared videos and images of himself walking people on dog leads, he was accused of dehumanising and derogatory conduct.





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Video Credit: Youtube

Article Source: Ladbible

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