Nicole Kidman Refuses To Let Her Young Kids Join Instagram Yet.

Nicole Kidman Refuses To Let Her Young Kids Join Instagram Yet.

Nicole Kidman's young kids are eager to join this social media platform but she and her husband won't allow them yet as it may have its effects on children. Many parsnts support her in her thoughtful decision.

Nicole Kidman gave a statement on a show "Loose Women" that she doesn't allow her daughter to be on Instagram at the moment as she thinks she is quite young. 




The famous 'Big Little Lies' star said her daughter Sunday, who is 12, is showing interest in joining Instagram but she and her husband, Keith Urban don't think now is the right time and refuses to let her kids on Instagram. Also, she would find it rather "hard" to monitor their accounts there as Nicole herself is not much techy.




The actor admitted that Sunday and Faith have been very eager to join Instagram but she’s restricted them yet.

She further said,“ I have a 12-year-old right now who is chomping at the bit and wants to get into all of that. It’s just that constant push, pull. I’d say a lot of parents would say the same thing.”




Kidman has been a great mother and has trained the older kids very properly as well. So her goals in raising other children cannot be doubted, as she further said: “I think it’s keeping their confidence and their self-esteem intact."

As we know that these social media platforms have their good side too but when it comes to the negatives, a list goes on. It can majorly harm our confidence as these days, beauty standards and financial standards are thought of as the only things. Moreover, the negativity of people keeps increasing over there. Everyone thinks it's a must to impose what they think is correct or not.




Many parents supported Kidman wholeheartedly and said how this is so necessary for the youngsters as their minds are raw and they need to be exposed to good content mostly. 

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