News Reporter Gets A Traditional Māori Face Tattoo And Inspires Another Woman To Give A Lesson On Respect.

News Reporter Gets A Traditional Māori Face Tattoo And Inspires Another Woman To Give A Lesson On Respect.

In a way to honor her tribe and show commitment to her whakapapa, iwi, marae, and language, this news presenter got a traditional Māori lower chain tattoo.

1. News presenter surprised her viewers with a traditional Māori lower chin tattoo 




New Zealand news presenter Oriini Kaipara surprised her viewers with a moko kauae tattoo, a traditional Māori lower chin tattoo worn by women. she is the first news presenter to have one.  A few years back, Kaipara got a DNA test done and she found that she is 100% Māori.  It was based on her ethnicity that she decided to get the traditional tattoo on her face to show commitment to her tribe. The tattoo came as a surprise for many of her viewers. With the words of appreciation, it also gave a chance to many to pass rude comments and bully the lady for her bold choice. 

Disgusted by the comments made on Kaipara's appearance, a woman named Taj Anwar decided to take it to social media to give people a lesson on respect. 

2. In her post, Anwar made it clear to the public that they are not entitled to know everything. People should stop being so nosy and respect other people's choices and most importantly give them enough space in terms of their personal choices in life









Anwar's post quickly went viral and people commended her for talking on an important matter. She concluded her post with a statement, “What it boils down to really… is stop being entitled and nosy. Everything ain’t for you to know OR understand.” 

3. Kaipara rocking her new look confidently




In an interview with the Herald,  Kaipara talked about her choices. She explained that one reason behind getting a face tattoo was to help people break barriers and the response she has gotten from public is overwhelming and humbling. “I did my best and that’s all I wanted,” said the woman. “It’s not just about me, it’s about taking opportunities and opening up opportunities for moko wearers, for Māori – I don’t want this to be a one-hit-wonder.”




4. Public responded positively to Anwar's message












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