Newly designed HypoCat vaccine might nix Allergic Reactions to Cats.

Newly designed HypoCat vaccine might nix Allergic Reactions to Cats.

Scientists, with the hope to benefit humans and their furry friends, have come up with a new HypoCat vaccine that may stop humans from having allergic reactions to cats.

Many cat lovers around the world struggle with cat allergies ranging from sniffles and runny noses to severe allergic reactions that can send the humans acing to the ER. Where for some anti-allergy medications suffice for others, they are not short of side effects.


However, this might change sooner than later. This month, researchers in Zürich published preclinical data in ‘The Journal of Allergy and Clinical Immunology’ that offers a different type of solution: a vaccination. The best part is, it is not for you, rather it is for the cat.




Where people who don’t have any allergies, whatsoever cannot relate. Feline lovers who get those telltale itchy eyes, runny noses, rashes, and perpetual bouts of sneezing know the pain of wanted a cat and dealing with massive allergies.


The most beautiful cats are notoriously hairy. Hence, people with cat allergy can either invest some serious cash into purchasing a hairless feline or resign to a life of avoiding cats.


However, thanks to scientists the so-called HypoCat vaccine will virtually eliminate cat allergies in humans. Thus, if you are someone who is a sniffling, itchy mess after cuddling with your dear fur baby, your prayers have been answered.




The vaccine is administered to the feline through a simple injection that neutralizes the allergy-causing protein known as the Fed-d1. This protein is largely found in cat fur.
Reportedly, it has taken researchers more than a decade to come up with this potential cure for allergies. Here’s to hoping for a world free of feline allergies.


How vaccine works


Image and Article source: Diply


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