New Study Suggests Men More Likely To Forgive Partner's Affair Than Women.

New Study Suggests Men More Likely To Forgive Partner's Affair Than Women.

The new study suggests women tend to process infidelity differently than men and men only find it hard to forgvie their parnters when sex is involved.

A new study reveals men are more likely to forgive their partners after discovering they are cheating on them.

Data from Ashley Madison, the infamous dating site for 'affairs and discreet dating', shows that women are less likely to be more forgiving towards their cheating partners. The results came after a global study was conducted from 3000 members of the married dating site. 

The results also revealed that 85 percent of female members had been forgiven over a previous affair, while the same could only be said for 80 percent of men.

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When men were asked the question that if they will forgive their partners for cheating on them, 86% said they would while compared to this only 82% of women responded. 

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Talking about these new findings, psychotherapist Lucy Beresford said it was about the perception of relationships between the sexes. 

She said: "When faced with the idea of cheating, men concentrate on what happened physically.

"Woman on the other hand are more interested in the emotional impact.

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"The fact men appear to be more forgiving could also be because men and women tend to process their responses to infidelity differently.

"Men are much more interested in knowing about the physical aspects of an affair and find it hard to forgive when sex is actually involved.
"Whereas women are much more affected when they believe there has been an emotional connect to the affair.

"They are much less likely to forgive emotional infidelity in an affair relationship, and men are much less likely to forgive physical infidelity."

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The study additionally revealed that one might have expected the pandemic to have affected people's ability to get their leg over behind their partners' back, it hasn't.

The website added that most of the cheating partners have two illicit rendezvous a month, though only a fifth of people having an affair says they don't actually have sex with their secret partners.  

Additionally, the survey added that the most active cheaters are in Ireland with over 20% of cheaters meeting their secret partners every single day. Cheaters in Germany came second on the list, with 13 percent admitting to cheating every day. Those in Colombia came in third (eight percent), France was at fourth (six percent), and the UK in at fifth (five percent).

Though cheating on a partner can mean an end to the relationship for good, Rachel Foster suggests every woman should give it a go. 

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