Netizens are contemplating if Zac Efron got surgery done after he appeared in Earth Day special video.

Netizens are contemplating if Zac Efron got surgery done after he appeared in Earth Day special video.

After looking at how Zac Efron's face in Bill Nye's Earth Day special, people over the internet cannot stop arguing whether he got surgery done or not.

Recently, many celebrities the likes of Justin Bieber, TikTok stars Dixie and Charli D'Amelio, Stranger Things' Gaten Matarazzo, Broadway star Idina Menzel, and DJ Steve Aoki were called on to make a video statement about environmentalism for Bill Nye's Earth Day special.
 The video was posted by Bill Nye later on. Each celebrity had different messages for the world in the 12-minute long video clip. 

What really surprised the viewers was  Zac Efron's moment. Soon after many people flocked to social media to question whether the actor had had any work done recently.
Unsurprisingly, there was an outpouring of support for the star, with loads of Twitter users hitting back at the pile on.

One of them wrote, 

"I don't understand why people are upset about zac efron's face. He is already a great actor and now he would be the perfect prince charming for a live action shrek movie."





The famous Jameela Jamil said, 

"Risky business piling onto someone about their face or body at the best of times, in particular before even knowing why their appearance has changed. #ZacEfron"




Another person wrote, 

"I will continue to bravely meet your impossible standards for beauty. But I’ve seen the faces making fun of Zac Efron’s face. And they do not seem like faces in a position to mock Zac Efron’s face. — Dan."




Efron has been shooting for a new Netflix series and during the shoot, he got hurt badly. He recently revealed how he was 'hit in the face' by a rake while filming a new series with Netflix. The Baywatch star used the oldest gag in Hollywood during shooting scenes for a new episode of his show Down To Earth.
The series sees Efron and wellness expert Darin Olien search for healthy and sustainable ways to live, which is probably why he was in a vegetable garden when he had a close encounter with the rake.
On first glance, the star really does seem to be smashed in the noggin with the gardening tool. He grabbed his face and fell to the ground in a seemingly large amount of pain.
But people have pointed out that the 33-year-old star looks like he purposefully stepped on the rake before throwing his hand up in an effort to stop it actually hitting him.
Though his reaction is well-timed, it seems the rake never actually reaches his face, and that he was simply showing off his acting skills.

Nevertheless, whatever happened to his face, he looks pretty good. More power to you Zac. 

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Article source: LadBible

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