Nervous Kitten is Accompanied by His Stuffed Dragon Best Friend to the Vet’s Clinic.

Nervous Kitten is Accompanied by His Stuffed Dragon Best Friend to the Vet’s Clinic.

This kitten grew attached to his green dragon stuffed toy that was sent with him for comfort to the vet when it was time for his surgery.

Just like children, puppies and kittens also get attached to their stuffed toys that are handed to them. This is a story of a kitten Ponyo whose best friend is a green stuffed dragon.



Ponyo was found abandoned by the Smart family while they were enjoying an evening stroll. After spending hours searching for the scared and lonely kitten’s mother, the family gave up and decided to adopt the baby.



Since the baby was alone the family decided to give him a green stuffed dragon for comfort. Since the stuff toy was furry and soft, the kitten started cuddling with it in no time and started finding comfort in it.



Within a few months, it was time for Ponyo’s neutering surgery. We all know how pets get anxious when it is time to go to the vet. Ponyo is no different. Thus, to help him get through the surgery, the dragon went along.



Surprisingly, the staff at the clinic did their best to make Ponyo comfortable. The dragon was by her side at all times, even when the surgery was happening.



To make the whole process even more fun, they even took the time to pantomime Dragon going through the same steps at Ponyo, which made for some adorable photos.
Knowing how attached the kitty was to his toy, the staff tucked it in with him as he was recovering from anesthesia.



 The adorable liddul duo made it through the surgery with flying colors and went home to heal together before embarking on new, adorable adventures.

Article Source: Diply

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