Neglected Pooches Who Turned Into Healthy Doggos After Life-Changing Adoption Pictures.

Neglected Pooches Who Turned Into Healthy Doggos After Life-Changing Adoption Pictures.

Neglected dogs receiving a bit of attention grow up into strong, muscular & beautiful pooches. Here are some before and after transformation pictures.

According to ASPCA, Approximately 6.5 million companion animals enter U.S. animal shelters nationwide every year. Of those, approximately 3.3 million are dogs. This number is quite surprising and heart-shattering. Also, 670k of these are euthanized. To save these animals the only option is to adopt them and give them the care and love they deserve.

From our love and a bit of care for months, these neglected beings become strong and healthy and stay loyal to us for their whole lives. And in return, these pups serve us with loyalty and love in their own ways.

Here are a few adopted dogs from subreddit beforenafteradoption, in their before and after conditions after they were adopted and properly taken care of:

1. This dog can be detected as a very ingealthy and neglected one. But as soon as A Korean family rescued this from a breeding facility he gained health and weight.


Before adoption he was only 15 lbs but with good diet and maintenance he is now of good 60 lbs. 

2. This cute white puppy when found was infested with fleas. In an unexplainable condition she was lying on the curb. After three months, the transformation is amazing turning her into a super cute sweetheart.




3. Her name is Lucia. When she was rescued from the hoarder, nobody could touch her. The little one was quite terrified. The next picture is after 2 years of being rescued. She has now turned into a lovely pooch with cute round eyes and soft white furs.



Look how love and care transforms a thing entirely.

4. This doggo was rescued last night, and he was easily settled in. This is the proof that The acts of affection attracts all. He alept after settling in and is now happy and in safe hands.



5. This is Barkley. He was rescued from the streets of Puerto Rico. And is now healthy and under proper treatment.



6. Look at her how weak she looks at the Adoption day while now she is beautiful, healthy and a smiling pet always.




7. This is Ruth. She was used for breeding all along and when it was done she was dumped. Before adopting I was atraid of her but she has turned out to be quite loving and cute. Now she is a lot spoiled as she is in good caring hands.




Moreover, people stone heartedly rehome their pets and bring the new-fashioned pets home. Different reasons are seen behind this behaviour of people towards pet dogs. Either the dog grows up to be larger in size than expected or the owner have eyes on another dog as a pet.

We should be bery kind to all the animals whether it's your pet or not. They deserve all the care and love in the world. So promote adoption!


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