NASA Says Thank India And China For the Greener World From the Past Two Decades.

NASA Says Thank India And China For the Greener World From the Past Two Decades.

The increasing global warming and the end of resources has brought the people on Earth to take some inititatives to save it. A special thanks goes to China and India for their amazing approach that is making the world greener day by day.

When discussing about our mother Earth environmentally, the first thought that pops into each mind is the everyday increasing global warming. And the main driver of this warming is the continuous combustion of Fossil fuels, which is causing pollution and many more dangerous risks in our everyday routine. Although, we know the adverse effects it has are irreversible and affect each species on earth in its own way. But, still, we cannot limit our usage of resources, nor can we take any serious steps to counter these situations.


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While we do need to do more to improve these situations, it is also necessary for us to focus on the bright and positive side to keep ourselves satisfied. 


China's increasing industrialization



 Our environment is at a grim point, and that`s the reason every industrialized nation has undergone these environmental crises. Let it be, the Great Smog of London in 1952 or Cleveland`s Cuyahoga River catching fire in 1969, or the New South Wales Bushfires in Australia killing millions of animals and plants. And these environmental crises have intensified in the countries that are going through rapid Industrialization.

India is pretty smoggy as well


Such as China, which focuses basically on manufacturing, is still ranked number one in the world for the emissions of Carbon dioxide and other Green House Gases. India too is ranked in the top five countries worldwide for greenhouse gas emissions. The smog is deepening is claws in India`s weather and has killed a large number of people that is 1,24 million people in a single year.


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Moreover, living in an industrialized world makes it hard to stop producing these harmful emissions, but the implementation of steps to reduce these adverse effects can be followed. And this is what India and China are doing right now. But in a study, that took data from NASA, it is stated that the world is becoming more green than it was two decades ago and the ones who are contributing the most to it are the two of Earth`s biggest polluters, India and China. Both countries are fighting harmful emissions by planting more and more trees.




The trend of the Earth becoming greener was first noted in the 1990s, so as compared to now the differences are quite visible. Also, an author Chi Chen of Boston University noted that China and India contribute a full third of Earth`s greening. It is evident by this, that the human initiatives have played a vital role in making the Earth greener. Not only these countries focus on planting trees, they are also working to maximize their production of food as they rank in the most populous countries as well.


food fields


It is also necessary to keep an eye on what`s affected by our initiative and industrialization to keep yourself from greater damage. Although, this is not a sign that we have fixed each and everything and we are paying for the losses we have made. It is a sign that together we can change the world and find a way out in any situation.


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