Music video of young Jason Statham dancing as an oiled buff guy is making rounds on the internet.

Music video of young Jason Statham dancing as an oiled buff guy is making rounds on the internet.

The fast and furious actor Jason Statham appeared in a 90’s rave video as an oiled buff guy.

Almost all of us have said yes to dumb gigs for money at the start of our careers. There is no shame in that. This also applies to celebrities. Most of them have starred in things that bear no resemblance to the type of work they opted for in their career. Recently, something similar from Jason Statham’s early days in the industry surfaced on the internet and the netizens cannot get enough of it.




Jason Statham has starred in some of the most fast-paced blockbusters of the 21st century including the Fast and Furious series. So, it’s easy to forget he was once a young star on the rise, happy to take up slightly less than leading roles.




Before Statham appeared in the Commonwealth Games and started his modeling career, he danced in one of The Shamen’s rave videos dubbed the Comin’ On. He repeatedly appears in the video as an oiled-up buff guy. Statham is wearing nothing but a pair of skimpy leopard print briefs. He did not get any lines but he did put a fair bit of energy into those dance moves.
Here’s the video, check it out.



Statham, now 53, was 28 years old in the video. It is a time when plenty of us are still muddling through and trying to make our CVs look more ‘grown up’.
This video was recorded a good few years before his big break in Guy Ritchie’s British crime comedy Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels (1998), and almost a decade before he landed the starring role as Frank Martin in the wildly successful Transporter trilogy (2002 to 2008).




Surprisingly, this is not the only music video Statham has appeared in. He’s also popped up as a background dancer in Erasure’s Run to the Sun (1994) and as a moviegoer in The Beautiful South’s Dream a Little Dream of Me (1995).
Even after he made a name for himself and got his big break, Statham appeared in Calvin Harris’ Summer (2014) music video as an unnamed driver, suggesting he rather enjoys the world of music vids.

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Article and image source: Unilad

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