Murals made with paint that cleanses the air are being installed in cities around the world.

Murals made with paint that cleanses the air are being installed in cities around the world.

What’s better than ecofriendly art? Massive murals, with an underlying purpose to cleanse the air, are being installed in cities around the world.

Who doesn’t like public murals? They are such an epic way to beautify the surrounding neighborhood.
However, this recently employed idea of eco-friendly murals that have been painted using paints that cleanse the air of pollution and toxins just amp up the beauty of murals up a notch.




Check this mural out. It is a part of the 'Converse City Forests' project that aims to plant 'trees' in areas where it's not possible for them to grow.
This is a kind of metaphor used to pique the user’s interest. Here, by ‘tree’ the artist is actually referring to this special mural that cleanses the air while spreading awareness about important environmental issues.



Two talented artists, Dawid Ryski and Maciek Polak, took this initiative while working with the Good Looking Studio.




The mural now stands next to the Politechnika metro station in a busy hub of Warsaw, Poland.
For the unaware, an eco-friendly mural is painted using a special photocatalytic paint that is activated by light to break down pollutants. This turns the substances into harmless nitrates which then improves air quality.



Researchers have estimated that this huge public art has the cleaning power of 720 trees. That's so incredible, to say the least. I wish all buildings were painted with something like this.
The main concept behind these murals is to blend nature and urban architecture, especially in a busy city like Warsaw.



Apart from doing a spectacular job by cleaning the air of pollutants, the mural is also spreading awareness regarding common environmental issues. The best part is, more murals planned for the future in cities like Sydney, Sao Paolo, Lima, and Bogota as well as others.
The entire project aims to produce art that equals the air-cleaning power 3,000 trees which is a commendable and impressive goal indeed.

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Article Source: Diply


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