Mum Shaves Her Young Son's Head And Blames It On The Christmas Elf.

Mum Shaves Her Young Son's Head And Blames It On The Christmas Elf.

Mother shaved the back of her teenage son's head before blaming the Christmas elf for the act. A few days ago, Amanda also gave her son a makeover including false lashes and red lippy.

A mum recently pranked her kids by shaving the word 'elf' into the back of her son's head and blaming the Christmas elf for it afterwards. Amanda Johns, from Swansea, Wales has used weird acts to entertain her children many times but this time she stepped up her game by getting her teenage son Iestyn involved. Mother-of-three Amanda asked her son to miss his weekly barbers' appointment.



Getting Iestyn to pose as though he was asleep, Amanda shaved the word 'elf' onto the back of his head and put the elf next to him for a photogrph. Obviously, Tegan was shocked when she saw the picture in the morning.



The business owner said, "I posted the photograph of Iestyn's new hairdo on Facebook and everyone was shocked. They thought I had actually shaved his hair in his sleep, but I am not that cruel. He is the best big brother and will do anything to make his little sister smile - she looks forward to the elf's antic every morning."
Talking about her daughter's reaction, she said, "She runs into my room and asks, 'Where is the elf?!' But when she found him in Iestyn's room with the clippers, she was flabbergasted. She tried to wake him up, but he is a typical teenager and loves his sleep - I think he would be more annoyed about being woken up than the hair shave."



"I am always thinking of new ideas and I planned this one a week in advance - I asked him not to get his hair cut and he asked, 'What are you going to do now?'
"It is completely worth it to see Tegan's face light up in the morning. I am always thinking of new ideas and it is a brilliant lead-up to Santa's arrival."



"I have previously replaced every photo in the house with a photo of Elf and given Ilestyn a makeover. When Tegan had a cold, I put a skeleton on the sofa, and she believed he caught the 'elf flu' and needed lots of chocolate to make him better. It is great fun for all of us," she added.






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