Mum Alarmed After Ice Lolly Turns Son's Mouth Bright Blue, Warns Other Parents to Not Go Through This

Mum Alarmed After Ice Lolly Turns Son's Mouth Bright Blue, Warns Other Parents to Not Go Through This

Little boy's face turned blue and poo bright green after he ate ice pops bought by mommy as a treat.

Mum horrified when the ice pops turned her four-year-old boy's face blue and his poo bright green. Karen bought the ice lollies as a treat but was worried when she saw what it did to her boy. She told that getting off the color was not easy, it took ages to scrub the dye off his poor little face and hands. She emailed the manufacturer who told that they will alter their recipe. Karen still warns other parents as she thinks it's quite alarming.

1. Karen Brazier bought his 4-year-old boy a box of ice pops as a treat

Mum bought Eezy Freezy ice pops for her son Archie as a treat but was horrified when the pops turned her little boy's face blue and his poo bright green.

"I'd never bought them before but it was a hot day so I thought it would be a treat," Karen told.

The worried mum immediately emailed manufacturer Rose and shared a post on the company's Facebook page. The manufacturer replied saying they will alter its recipe.


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2. The mess was not so easy to clean

Karen said: "I've never seen anything like it. We tried getting it off with a baby wipe at first but it wouldn't budge.
"It took ages to wash and scrub the dye off his poor little face and hands, which were all sore.
"Not only was his mouth bright blue but the next day his poo was green, which really upset him. God knows what it's done to his insides."


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3. Karen is relieved her older son wanted an ice cream instead of the ice pops

"Fortunately, his older brother Finlay wanted an ice cream instead so didn't have the same problem.
"You have to freeze them when you get home but soon after Archie began eating the lolly, his mouth and tongue turned blue."


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Karen emailed the company with her problem, the company admitted their mistake and said they will reduce the amount of color dye in the futre.

In an emailed reply, a technical assistant from Rose said: "I am sorry for the distress one of our products has caused you.
"We have sold Blue Raspberry for many years as a fun and novel tongue painter for kids but we do appreciate it is not to everyone's liking and as such they are sold as part of a multipack of other fruit flavours.
"The colour used is E133 or Brilliant Blue and is a commonly used food dye. We dose at 100ppm, within the limits provided by the FSA, but I do accept that this might be a little high, so from the next production we will ensure this is reduced to ensure the colouring of the tongue is not as severe.

4. Karen don't want other parents to go through this

"I can suggest some remedies, but these are non specific and not from a professional point of view - I would use warm water and some form of soap/cleanser that you have in your house and that you have used on your/your child's face before, and use a cotton wool ball to rub lips.
"Again I am sorry for the distress. If you still have the packaging is it possible to send by return the best before date.
"I would like to offer you as a gesture of goodwill a goody bag for your little one to enjoy."


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Karen still warned other parents as she thinks this is not healthy for the kids. 

She said: "I really don't want another parent to go through this because it is really quite alarming."

"What worries me is that the product is still on sale and should be withdrawn. I certainly won't be buying them again."

"My sofa and rug is also covered in the dye but when I complained, all they offered us was a goody bag for Archie, which I thought was a bit of an insult."



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