Mother shares an inexpensive but very convenient way to make remote learning easy for kids.

Mother shares an inexpensive but very convenient way to make remote learning easy for kids.

Parents around the world are struggling with making their kids study as all schools have opted for remote learning. However, this mother came up with a cool, inexpensive, and efficient DIY to make remote learning efficient and more fun.

Back to school this year was different than every year. With the ongoing global pandemic, schools have opted for remote learning post-summer vacations as well. Unfortunately, it is not the best way to learn, especially for those in elementary schools.

For students, it's hard to learn from their own homes. Some students struggle with having to learn from their own homes, while others struggled with not having a teacher in-person to explain things and break them down. Many children also struggled with using the computer and understanding the educational platforms online. However, what most people complained about was not having a proper learning space.



To tackle the issue, Angelina Harper, a mother of two, came up with the best DIY idea to enhance the overall remote learning experience.

Using the tri-folding board available at almost all stationery stores and online stores, she created personal learning spaces for both her children.



For each child, Angelina decorated the tri-fold display board with their name and other supplies they need for remote learning. There are calendars, places for pens and pencils, and even a spot to hang their headphones.



The boards not only make remote learning more personalized but also give the kids their own space. The best part about this is that the children are far from dozens of distractions. The tri-folding boards provide enough privacy to the child.



When Angelina shared the idea on her Facebook, parents loved it. The photos have been shared over 60,000 times on Facebook, and parents are leaving comments like, "This is a wonderful idea!!!" and "I need to try this for my kids."



This idea can be re-created at a meager cost.

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