Mother of Eight Begins Bedtime Routine At 4:30 In The Afternoon.

Mother of Eight Begins Bedtime Routine At 4:30 In The Afternoon.

Raising children isn’t as easy as it seem and it’s not always wearing matching outfits and singing in meadows. It takes a strong parent team to get 8 kids on the right track. And this mom shares her whole routine through her vlogs and how her bedtime routine goes.

Being a mother of eight children seems like a lot of duty and surely is. The mother needs to be very cautious and responsible to have everyone in a good routine and efficient. 


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A news story came up where this mother showed how she has to start her children's bedtime routine at 4 :30 in the afternoon!
Too early, isn't it? But for eight children, it's fine I guess.


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Bedtime is usually a time of tantrums and refusing to sleep for many children and that is something parents have to struggle for. It takes a lot of time, patience and effort to finally instill a bedtime routine in a child. And eight children? You can understand. 

This mom seems to have unlocked the secret. And she shared her whole routine and she manages all of them with good care and properly.


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The mother Chloe changes all of their clothes into night suits. And starts preparing dinner at around 4:30 in the afternoon. She told her children usually prefer veggies and pasta in dinner and she makes plates for each of them. 


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This allows all the kids to have plenty of time to eat properly and prepare for bedtime.

Before starting her cooking, Chloe takes a round to make sure the kids are all occupied and doing something productive and are out of trouble.


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Chloe has the youngest set of twins, who are usually napping, while her triplets playhouse in the hallway, and the eldest kids dance around their bedroom.
After this, the kids don't need to be told to clean up the house. When Chloe calls them for dinner, they know it’s time for them to clean up and then have dinner.

They are excited that they’re having pasta and veggies for dinner, they begin to put all their toys away and clean.



She makes vlogs and updates about her routine and she enjoys every part of it. What’s incredible to see in her mommy YouTube vlogs is that none of her eight kids interrupted her while she cooks. 

Before actually eating dinner, the playroom shows that it’s completely spotless and all things are at place. You can tell the kids have formed genuine bonds with one another as they celebrate with a spontaneous almost choreographed dance party and the elder ones love their younger siblings!


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Chloe and her husband make sure the mess is all clean and the youngest ones are bottle-fed, and then after putting them to sleep they finally go to sleep. 

The kids then follow up the dinner by taking turns with showers. Even the baby twins get their own sink baths given by parents, followed by lots of kisses and cuddles from their elder siblings.


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Then all of them change into matching pjs sometimes and then brush together. Then followed by a storytime where Chloe reads them a book and then they finally go to bed.

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