Parenting Tweets That Are So Relatable, It Will Surely Strike A Nerve!

Parenting Tweets That Are So Relatable, It Will Surely Strike A Nerve!

Becoming a parent is the most essential moment of a person's life. However, nobody tells you about the hurricane that comes along with it! The least you can do is laugh with it!

Having a child requires a ton of diligent work, duty and as the cliche goes, an entire village to raise them. However, a child-rearing mystery, not all guardians may know is that you likewise need a comical inclination to keep your sanity intact! Otherwise, the never-ending energy of your kids might end up consuming you whole, without even a burp! 

And honestly, amid the disappointing and testing minutes, all of us need a decent snicker to overcome it. When everything gets a little too much, a listening ear is highly essential. And for some guardians and caretakers, Twitter is the best place to vent. Along the same lines, here are a few humorous tweets from individuals who are facing the hardships of parenting in solidarity:

1. When life doesn't love you back! 


2. *Facepalm


3. *Pokerface


4. Kid logic  




6. Who would have known...


7. How about that? 


8. Bittersweet Symphony 


9. The fun never ends 


10. That smile tho 


11. All moms approve 


12. Sorry, not sorry!


13. The pain! 




15. The struggle is real 


16. If only 


17. Makes sense 


18. Purely savage 


19. Seems only fair 


20. Right in the feels 


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