Mom’s Hilarious '17-Rule Agreement' For Son To Have A Phone Is What Every Parent Needs!

Mom’s Hilarious '17-Rule Agreement' For Son To Have A Phone Is What Every Parent Needs!

Giving a kid a mobile phone nowadays is a bit of a minefield, with plenty of aspects for parents to consider. However, this creative mom is facing the whole situation like a boss!

Even though it doesn't feel like a long time span, however, fifteen years back, the humble yet strong Nokia 3410 permitted pre-teenagers to send roughly five instant messages before begging their folks for a credit top up. We were exhorted not to give our number out to outsiders and berated for our irritating polyphonic ringtones. Ah, the good times! 

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Be that as it may, in general, there wasn't a lot to fear from the primitive communication bricks of the early nineties. Fast forward to now, kids are meandering around with boundless information in their pockets, and the capacity to speak with anybody on the planet whenever and that in itself is pretty scary for a parent to even think about. 

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So naturally, numerous guardians out there have their valid worries while giving their child the first ever mobile phone, dreading that they are gifting them a reviled box of cyberbullying, peer pressure, and negative social impacts. Therefore, one question that troubles every parent on this planet is 'whether to give your kid a phone or not?'  

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Be that as it may, as any person who has ever been an adolescent in the digital age will tell you, denying kids from having a cell phone, by and large, isn't constantly successful. Moreover, this may even prompt adolescents into feeling anger as if their folks are purposely marooning them on a desert island, and an exceptionally uncool one! 



Be that as it may, could it be possible that mummy blogger, Mel Watts has the appropriate response to this rather annoying query? When purchasing a mobile phone for her child Ayden, the mum of four drew up a full-blown agreement, loaded with do's and don'ts for the youthful chap to pursue. 

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Furthermore, since Mel shared the strict contract on her blog, The Modern Mumma, the whole thread has started discussions among different mums and fathers who simply aren't sure about how to approach their children's mobile phone use.

Also, in the wake of sharing the post on Facebook, Mel got various positive reactions, including one from a secondary school teacher who complimented her for taking up responsibility. 

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"This is amazing!! So nice seeing parents take responsibility! I’m a secondary school teacher and the amount of damage I see caused my phones is crazy… social media bullying and trolling, kids not sleeping or doing HW coz they’re texting/phoning at all hours of the night," the comment read. 

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It further expressed, "Kids don’t know how to use them safely because no one has explained it fully to them and parents don’t take responsibility of something that is hugely dangerous like actually taking it off them before they go to bed!!!!! Can have a huge impact on their mental health too and it’s so sad to see! Well done you & all supportive parents." 


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