Mom Wins Viral 'Biggest Baby Birth Weight' Trend On TikTok With Her 14-Pound Baby Boy.

Mom Wins Viral 'Biggest Baby Birth Weight' Trend On TikTok With Her 14-Pound Baby Boy.

TikTok Trend that made people share their biggest baby birth was won by a mother of a 14 pound son who was unbelievably 24 inches long and had to wear clothes of 6-9 months immediately after birth. She says she has given birth to a Toddler and the Internet is not having it!

A lot of people were following the trend “biggest baby” and people were sharing their own stories of their biggest babies. The trend was initiated by Tawnee’s video and the comment section was hilarious. But there was a person who answered the trend question with a video of her own. And, if she’s telling the truth, she’s the clear winner of the biggest baby birth weight trend.


TikTok | @shans1588


The video went viral and consisted of a woman sharing the story about her 14 pound-biggest baby. The TikTok mom, who goes by the username @shanas1588, shared her surprising story to another TikTok user's call to share the story of their biggest babies.


TikTok | @shans1588



In her now-viral video, the mom jokingly said, "That's right, I gave birth to a toddler." This led a lot of people to comment and people made fun of it in their own ways too. 


TikTok | @shans1588


Shans then further explained that she gave birth to her son at 38 weeks and one day. This baby was her second baby. During the delivery via C-section, two doctors were assisting. The mom explained, "Because he came in at a whopping 14 pounds, point six ounces." And this is quite unbelievable as these types of cases are very rare and the most we can go to is 10, but 14 pounds! It’s too much maybe.



#stitch with @tawnee117 #greenscreen Meet my 14lb .06 oz baby boy!

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TikTok | @shans1588


Since this video went viral, the mama shared a follow-up story. Her baby, now five years old, has grown into a “healthy, stubborn, and strong” guy who loves football, baseball, and monster trucks.




She also shared how she feared for her son to face any medical challenges due to being a bit overweight but thanks to God that he has turned out fine. Shans told that however, her son had to stay in the NICU for some time and wore clothes made for babies of 6-9 months which was surprising for her too. So this mother of a 14-pound newborn baby has definitely won the TikTok trend.

Article source: Diply

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