Mom Transforms Boring Wardrobe Filled With Old Clothes Into An Amazing Work Space For Her Daughters.

Mom Transforms Boring Wardrobe Filled With Old Clothes Into An Amazing Work Space For Her Daughters.

Veronica Sweeney, mother of two girls, wanted to make a work area in her daughters' room but couldn't due to lack of space. She then decided to make use of her overflowing cupboard and transformed it into a stunning work area.

Veronica's daughters asked their mom if they could have a desk each. Veronica decided to make the work area in their room but there wasn't any space in it. She then thought of an amazing idea and transformed her old cupboard into a modern work area for both the girls.

1. This is Veronica, mother of two little girls, who recently transformed her old overflowing wardrobe into a beautiful workspace for her daughters

A mother of two, Veronica Sweeney, wanted to make a working area for her little girls' in their room but couldn't due to lack of space. She then got a brilliant idea and decided to transform the overflowing wardrobe into a gorgeous working apace. 

Veronica Sweeney Bird


2. Veronica cleaned off the entire wardrobe that was filled with bags of old clothes

She transformed the messy boring cupboard into an exciting and gorgeous working area. She also revealed that she only spent around £50 on the project. 

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3. Here is the 'cloffice' made by mommy Veronica for Ziva, nine, and Tali, seven

Veronica told LatestDeals.co.uk: 'Both of my children had asked if they could have a desk each.'

'Unfortunately that wasn't possible in their room. So I figured if I could shift things around in the wardrobe I'd be able to make something for them that could be hidden away when not used, and that wouldn't take up precious floor space.'


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She explained: 'I had a look on Pinterest and came across lots of ideas for a "cloffice".
'I decided, because I rent, that putting up a desk shelf with brackets would be the easiest way of doing it, to make taking it down and turning the space back into a closet easiest with minimal fixing, just plugging up holes.' 

4. People loved the amazing transformation that too in such low budget


Veronica Sweeney Bird



Veronica Sweeney Bird




Veronica Sweeney Bird




Veronica Sweeney Bird


8. The space inside the cupboard was then painted with a white paint that Veronica already had

She explained: 'I furnished the space with Poundland pegboards and accessories, and stools from The Range. 

'I customized some storage boxes from Poundland with Fablon I had leftover from a different project and they had the rest of the accessories in their room already,' she went on. 


Veronica Sweeney Bird


9. Veronica says that the closet office is her 'main present' to her children this year

She wrote: 'The main gift for my children this year was secretly turning this dumping ground of a wardrobe into their own beautiful desk space.  
'All those bin bags contained outgrown clothes that I sorted through and donated to people through Facebook. 
'I wanted them to go directly to people who struggle as I've done in the past rather than to charity shops.'
She explained: 'This makeover was done on a budget as always, total cost was about £50.' 
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