Mom-Of-Four Wants To Help Ladies 'Achieve Their Body Goals' Through Plastic Surgeries!

Mom-Of-Four Wants To Help Ladies 'Achieve Their Body Goals' Through Plastic Surgeries!

Recently, a mom launched a business where women can crowdfund their own plastic surgery. Allegra Cole says her business empowers women everywhere.

As of late, a mum-of-four has launched a business where ladies can crowdfund their own plastic surgery. She came up with the offbeat idea wanting to assist other people 'achieve their body goals,' Allegra Cole - who has had four bosom implants, two Brazilian bum lifts, and one stomach tuck - will launch her new site, B**bJobs4Moms.com, as a stage for models to feature their profiles.


Any individual who's keen on a model's story would then be able to purchase different picture packages and content, in turn funding their medical procedure. The mother-of-four, who experienced childhood in Salt Lake City, Utah, discussed her business in detail in an interview with BuzzFeed


She stated, "I saw how much stress it took out of getting implants and I realized many women would get plastic surgery if the expense was taken care of - it would be a no-brainer. I realized there was a need for something like this many years ago when I would talk to my girlfriends that already had b**b jobs." 


She further expressed, "Every single one admitted they would have gone bigger. Not one woman ever said to me, 'Gosh I just went too big'. I feel like my plastic surgery gave me the outside that matched my inside. It gave me my sexy back!" 


She continued, "The confidence and empowerment I've felt from my surgeries and watching my body transform in front of my eyes have been the most amazing experience. I was so blessed that I felt it was my nature-given destiny to pay it forward and help other women achieve their body goals." 


The model and business visionary took motivation from her own cosmetic procedure journey, having crowdfunded her second bosom augmentation. To get the 'fuller' size she wanted, Allegra swung to a site where individuals can monetarily support ladies who need b**b jobs.


"They would buy picture sets [or] request certain things for a certain dollar amount and the site would cut the check to the doctor, and you would just go and get implants," Allegra told Barcroft last year. Through B**bJobs4Moms.com and her very own site, AColeIndustries, Allegra - who once showed up on E! show Botched to attempt and fix her wonky bosoms - wants to help other ladies in their plight for self-confidence. 


"I want other women to be able to feel liberation from their bodies and be able to get their groove back as I did," she says on her personal website. "I see the looks on women's faces all the time just when I give them makeovers. The look in their eyes of truly feeling beautiful and confident again is so priceless." 


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