Mom Got Tired Of Teenage Son Not Cuddling, So She Knitted A New One Who Will!

Mom Got Tired Of Teenage Son Not Cuddling, So She Knitted A New One Who Will!

A mom’s teenage son was done cuddling with her so she knitted a ‘New Version’ of him who will play the same role! Love can truly be scary at times, what do you think?

One extremely hard-hitting thing about parenthood is that there eventually comes a time when the bond that you share with your youngsters appears to vanish into thin air.

What's more, in the event that you have a teenager in your life, you understand exactly how many changes tend to come to your direction! 

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And eventually, every parent starts accepting the fact that the bond they had once shared and cherished when their kids were younger just ends as they start spreading their independent wings.

And even though parents generally regain that closeness when the kids get mature yet the years in the middle can be somewhat troublesome.

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Marieke Voorsluijs knows this similarly just as any parent. She is a mother from Amsterdam and her two children started to pull away when they reached their high school years.

However, the most troubling thing for her is that her teenager does not like to snuggle any more! And as any mom would know, that feeling is straight up horrifying. 



Be that as it may, the highly-determined mother, who is a textile designer by profession, wasn't going to accept this without a fight so she got occupied and inventive. Consequently, she got some yarn and made a fresh-out-of-the-box version of her teen for herself to snuggle with. 

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"My son is reaching puberty,” Voorsluijs expressed. "We used to cuddle all the time, but those days are becoming scarce. Now he [would] rather hang with friends, play with his phone and listen to his iPod. Exactly according to nature’s plan. I am a good mother, so of course, I accept this, and I am happy he is a healthy kid." 

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"We laugh a lot about the stretching gap between his needs and mine,” she continued. "Him needing more of his own space and my covert needs to keep on smothering him with maternal love. So we started to [think about] how we could visualize this puberty gap. So I suggested making a cuddly version of him." 

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The mother-of-two even has her own knitwear brand, Club Geluk. They have numerous weaved products available to be purchased, however, sewing a child is well beyond.

She broadly expounded on the undertaking in a blog entry, "I am a professional knitter who likes to knit weird things for my brand Club Geluk. To set the bar a little higher regarding the knitting skills I thought of knitting my son." 

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"The reactions during the process were so diverse from creepy to beautiful that we decided to make some photos in real life to place the weirdness in context. It was a fun art family art project! When it was finished we thought it would be a great idea for mothers with to much love for their children and need to cuddle. So they could knit there own cuddly son!" the blog concluded. 

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