Model from LA has been offered money for her eggs since men want their kids to look like her.

Model from LA has been offered money for her eggs since men want their kids to look like her.

Marcela Iglesias from Los Angeles, US has been approached by men for her eggs since she has not had any surgeries and looks very beautiful naturally.

With medical sciences as advanced as they are today, getting the kind of look you want is not a difficult task. From getting thicker lashes to sculpting your nose and your butts, everything is possible.
As much as this depicts the advancement of science, it does make us question people with natural beauty. Influencer, Marcela Iglesias, from Los Angeles, US, claims that she has never had any beautification surgeries which attracts many men towards her. On top of that human barbie, this human barbie claims to have men begging her to sell them her eggs because of her 'natural' good looks and says she would consider the right price.




Last month, Iglesias was stunned to receive a message from a fan offering to pay for her eggs because he wants his children to look just like her.
However, she said, that her eggs will come at a hefty cost. She will only consider giving up the goods at $50,000 (£36,000) per egg. Surprisingly, this is not the first time she has been approached by people to purchase her goods, with strangers and friends have asked too.



This time, she received the message from a man called Chad who is reportedly based in Dubai. He said,

“Hello Miss Marcela, I have been following you for a while and I want to pay you to donate your eggs. You are extremely beautiful naturally and you have no surgeries and I want my children to look like you. I have been following your story for a while and I want naturally beautiful children that won't have to go to cosmetic procedures or surgeries. Send me your fee and we can start the process immediately.”




Marcella was surprised and 'flattered' by the proposal. She explained,

“I think he was looking for specific characteristics for his child. He wanted to have security that the person that he was searching for hadn't had any transformation to look a certain way - so, basically, what you see is what you get. Maybe he's looking for a specific look for the child. I believe he is into a Latin look. I was flattered, of course - it's special when somebody chooses you as a 'human maker'. In the past, I have been asked to donate some eggs to friends who could not conceive naturally and also because of the characteristics that they were looking for. I have also considered selling my eggs because if I can help someone be happy, then why not? But it has to make me happy too, for a relative, I will do it for free. I will start considering it at around $50,000 to start per egg. I really don't need the money but I don't mind getting compensated for my time and the process involved.”




This time, she chose not to engage in the 'weird' conversation with the man in Dubai but is open to people approaching her outside of her DMs.
She said,

“If in the future I am contacted in a more professional way, like through my website or email, and the person is in the United States or is willing to be in the States, then we can talk in person. I need to feel that it's the right fit - it is more than a monetary transaction for me. If I did sell my eggs to someone, I would love to see the child and follow his or her development.”

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Article Source: LadBible

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